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Let me start this by stating a fact that Plagiarism is an act of stealing. It is a crime.
I have experienced being plagiarized before and it was and will never be a nice feeling.  ( Read more about it here )

If anyone steals your work which you worked hard on and pass them off as their own, you would feel bad too. You might even raise hell, I tell you.

Please, respect Intellectual Property Rights.

"Materials in this site, including, but not limited to, texts, videos, and photos, are owned by the author unless otherwise indicated. These materials are subject to copyright. Use, distribution, and/or copying of the same, in part or in full, is not allowed without permission from the owner.

To seek permission to use, distribute, or copy content, email her at

yedycalaguas [at] yedylicious [dot] com"

I worked hard for anything that appeared in this blog, from template designs, to stories, to food photography. If I use other people's work which rarely happens, proper credit is provided. Please do not take and/or use without my permission. And for the love of anything good, sacred, and holy, please do not use and pass it off as your own.

I am open to possibilities of features and collaboration. If you really need any of my photos here, you can always ask for permission.

There are others who have used my photos and some excerpts here at YedyLicious and I don't have problems with it because first, they asked permission and second, they give credit and link back to my blog. 

Respect is the name of the game, so please, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


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