I am a storyteller, not a food critic.

I started YedyLicious primarily to share my stories and thoughts about food and anything associated with it.

As much as possible, I avoid calling my blog posts as "Restaurant Reviews, Food Reviews, and such." because these are not. I am not in the position to pass judgement to people who creates food to make a living. I only share stories of my food and dining experiences. Call this a personal blog, if you must.

I firmly believe that taste is very subjective. I do not believe in rating system like 5= Super Delicious 4= Delicious 3= Slightly Delicious 2= Waste of Calories 1= Go Home and Plant Camote. As a reader myself, I find these of no use.

If I have a bad experience, I try to air my concern privately with anyone involved like the restaurant's management or business owners until it's resolved. As much as possible, I avoid spewing negative stories and commentaries here on my blog. I would only be pushed to write sad experience if it is called for, (especially if it can serve as warning to the public). 

If I don't like the food I ate, it's either I say my opinion on how it could have been better or I just don't include it on the write up at all.

No, I do not just write about good things about restaurants and food to gain sponsorship. Because again, this is NOT a review site nor a financially driven hobby.

I'm trying my best to keep things here light and happy.

I believe in the power of words. I try to use it as carefully as possible. 

I believe in kindness and in seeing the good out of any situation.

There are far too many negative things you can read on the internet, there is no place for that here at YedyLicious.

I am not a trained chef.

2015 marks the year when YedyLicious will be peppered with my creations in the kitchen; cooking techniques, ingredients, recipes, and the like. I do not have a formal culinary background as I have stated in my About Me Page. 

Passion for good food, unquenchable thirst for cooking knowledge, and high respect for ingredients are my weapons in the kitchen. That is the story I am going to share with you coupled with my take on food/props styling and food photography.

This blog is not financially driven.

Not my bread and butter. Nope.

I use my own hard earned money to pay for some of the restaurants and food items that I feature here at YedyLicious.

Some restaurants are generous enough to send me invites to visit them and try their food. Some food businesses on the other hand send their products for me to try. In this case, opinion are 100% mine and proper disclaimer is stated.

Not all invites and product samples are accepted. If the restaurant is too far, if my schedule do not permit, and if I don't see the product fit to my blog, I politely decline.

I am happy to be introduced to new restaurants and products but please note that I only write about things I deem worthy to be shared with readers.
Coming up with a decent blog post entails hard work. Life is too short to spend a fracture of it writing about something you only have lukewarm enthusiasm.

Ads, affiliate programs, and sponsored posts help cover the costs involved with running this site. All of which are provided with proper disclaimers on the posts.

You can read about my Food Event Invites and Product Feature Procedure as well as my rules on Advertorial, Affiliates, and Sponsored Posts at the Frequently Asked Question Page of YedyLicious.

Materials from other source used are given proper credit.

I despise plagiarists and copyright violators.

This is indicated on the Copyright Notice Page of YedyLicious.

I do not allow restaurants, food businesses, and anyone to use my write ups and photos for their menu, websites, advertising collateral, promotional materials, and others without my explicit written permission.

There are some blog posts most specifically for advertorial and sponsored posts which calls for using image/s and text excerpts provided by the client, in that case, proper credit is stated to the source. 

I frown upon the practice of copying and pasting press write ups directly from the business/company/restaurant unless required.

Other than that, all photos and text at YedyLicious.com are copyrighted items and should not be lifted.

Copyright 2008 - 2015 © YedyLicious. All Rights Reserved.