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Do you eat all the food you feature here on your blog?
I wouldn't write about food which I haven't tried unless it's Food-I-Want-To-Try-Before-I-Die kind of blog post.

What is/are your favorite restaurant/s?
This is one of the hardest questions I am always asked. I apologize for throwing in cliche because truth is - there's too many of them.

What is/are your favorite cuisine/s?
I have high admiration for Mediterranean cuisine. I adore the straightforward flavor and aesthetics of Japanese food. I am currently madly in love with Korean and Indian dishes right after I outgrow my aversion to spicy food. I am also forever loyal to Filipino cuisine.

Do you know how to cook?
Slowly but surely, I am turning YedyLicious into a recipe blog. (Update as of March 2015: Our house is under renovation including my well-loved kitchen, hence, recipe posts may come hopefully later this year.)

Are you a certified chef?
Nope. More on that on my About Me page.

What is/are your favorite ingredients to work on?
Anything that captures my fancy. I am an adventurous eater and an open-minded home cook. Most preferably, seasonal fresh produce. I also love herbs and spices, my favorite includes tarragon, oregano, fennel, turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


Do you have formal training on writing, food/props styling and food photography?
I have a degree in Communication Arts and I have worked on several media outfit ranging from editing love advice on radio to writing scripts for TV and advertising. That is where I got my training in writing.

I attended few workshops for food/props styling and photography, but I am mostly self-taught on this field.

What camera do you use?
One of my mentors told me that the beauty of a photo lies not in the camera but in the eyes of the person behind the lens. With this, I try to work on whatever camera I can get my hands on because it is so much easier that way for me.

I started my blog using a beat up point and shoot Olympus camera and bowed not to get myself a DSLR until I can produce decent photos out of it. Eventually I upgraded my gadgets especially when I started taking photography seriously. Yet, to this day I can pretty much function with the nifty point and shoot without dealing with little heart attacks concerning badly captured photos.

There are several instances when I used some of my friends' cameras during dining engagements because I suck at reminding my self to charge my camera batteries. Recent samples; this and this.

There are of course, the usual weapons. For my blog, I usually use point-and-shoot Olympus and Canon camera for convenience.  Sometimes I also use a Canon Rebel T3i (with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM) and Nikon D3100 (with Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S VR DX NIKKOR). For food photography projects, I favor big girl weapon Canon 7D (with Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM) or depending on what the project calls for.

For my recipe posts and some projects, I exclusively use natural light which is always, always gorgeous in my make shift studio at home.

Speedlight comes handy only when I am shooting in restaurants and locations with really bad lighting. Other than that, I am cool without it since I think dark photography is pretty swell.

What is your personal style in food/props styling and photography?
I am forever evolving in terms of personal style on the creatives, so, I don't want to speak too soon. Also, I am big on variations which I will further showcase by the time I am already dishing out recipe posts here at YedyLicious.

When it comes to projects however, I take everything into consideration especially the client's input. I'll post my portfolio here soon.

Can we hire you as food/props stylist and food photographer for our business?
Yes. Certainly. Thank you for asking. Shoot me an email and we'll talk business.

Do you conduct writing/blogging/props/styling/photography workshops?
That is somewhere in the horizon. We shall see. Thanks for the interest.


Can we invite you to our restaurant/events?
Unlike before, I rarely say yes to event invites these days because of my tight schedule. These days, most of the invites I can accommodate are those which allow me to visit restaurant / hotels to try their food and service in my own free time.

But there is no harm in trying, so let's see. Shoot me an invite here.

I am a home baker / business owner, can I send you sample of my products for you to try and feature on your blog?
Thank you for your interest. Kindly please let me know more about your product and if I see it fit for a blog feature, then let's give it a go.

Do you accept sponsored posts?
If I believe in your product/brand, if I have 100% control of the content, if I have the freedom to voice out my opinion, then the answer is YES.

Can we send you press release materials you can share with your readers?
Thank you for asking but just for the record, I do not practice copy-paste of press releases from brands/businesses. It's just plain lazy, not to mention insulting.

I do not write about products/brands which I have not tried yet and do not believe in. Please refrain from sending press releases of the company you are representing in the hope that I will just copy and post it on my blog because I won't. Thank you very much.

We are interested to become one of your affiliates, how do we go about this?
I appreciate your interest, thank you. Please, shoot me an email and we will talk about it.

Can we advertise our products/brand here at YedyLicious? Do you have a spot for us?
Thank you for asking. Yes, I do accept advertisement here at YedyLicious as long as it fits the blog. Drop me an email, I would love to know more about your products and we'll see if I can accommodate your proposal.


Male or Female?
Female ( Just to clear things, because apparently, there are people addressing me as MR. Calaguas on their emails. Here's a photo of me. )

Big appetite, eh? Do you really eat like a man?
Damn straight.

Any published works?
Yes I have. I am a freelance writer and photographer. I have been contributing (write ups and photography) to different publications (magazines and broadsheets), and I have co-authored a foodie book. Portfolio is in the works and will be posted here soon.

I have discovered a new restaurant/food recently and it was so good, can I recommend it to you? 
Thank you, I will appreciate that. Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

What is/are the best food/restaurant/recipe/hotels/books, you can recommend to me?
Thank you for the trust. Please note that I only write about things I can recommend to my readers, unless otherwise stated. So, read on and enjoy. I appreciate you visiting my blog.

Eating with you seems like fun, can we set up a food trip with you?
I sometimes meet up with my long time readers, so I guess there is a possibility somewhere there. Email me, share me your thoughts, we'll see. Thank you for your interest.

What is the best thing about Food Blogging?
Being able to celebrate and express your thoughts on God's gift to sustain life. Being able to meet kindred souls and like-minded individual. Being able to immerse oneself in different culture through food.

What is the worst thing about Food Blogging?
Having your work/s plagiarized and having to deal with all sort of copycats.
And yes, gaining weight.

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