Top 10 Sweets She Deserves To Taste At Least Once

Wednesday, July 04, 2018
Cakes, sweets, casseroles, cakes, muffins, puddings, ice cream - it seems that people all around the world cannot imagine their lives without sweets. So why not to make the day of your beloved even sweeter? Here are world’s most popular desserts.

Castle Pudding, England

Some people are willing to skip the main course in order to get down to this warm delicious dessert, generously poured with strawberry sauce. What distinguishes this pudding from others is the topping - strawberry jam that flows down the sides.

Kuri Kinton, Japan

The basis for these Japanese creamy candies is a chestnut with the addition of sweet potatoes, sugar, sweet sauce and vinegar. They use special chestnuts, which can be found exclusively in Japan and South Korea.

Gulab Jamun, India

The main ingredients are flour, milk and a few raisins and pistachios. The dough is divided into small balls, which will double in size - almost like donuts. Unlike the donuts, which are sprinkled with powdered sugar, Gulab Jamun is immersed in sweet syrup. The flavor of the syrup can differ depending on which part of India you are in.

Tiramisu, Italy
Sometimes this dessert is called "Tuscan trifle", and its homeland is Siena - a city in Italy in the Tuscany province. It is like the antipode of a heavy American pie - an easy dessert, reminding me a pudding with tapioca or whipped cream. Tiramisu is made of eggs, mascarpone cheese, pastry fingers, cream, brandy, sugar, rum and grated chocolate or cacao. According to this is a perfect desert to make your girl melting during your first date.

Sopapillas, USA
It is a vivid representative of the whole family of desserts - fried oiled buns. For the first time, sopapillas appeared in New Mexico about 200 years ago. You can eat them separately, and dipping into honey, which reveals the whole new taste of the desert .

Pavlova, Australia and New Zealand
This dessert is very popular in Australia, New Zealand and England. It can not be bought in a store or the nearest eatery - it is served only in chic restaurants and the most advanced shops. In addition, this dessert is not caloric, so even young ladies, following their diets, can enjoy it. It is made of egg whites and sugar, the shell of this dessert should be crispy. The top of the cake is flavored with whipped cream, while the inside part reminds marshmallow. It is served with fruits - strawberries, kiwi, raspberries or peaches.

Almond cookies, China
These cookies came to us from China, but now it can be found all over the world (macarons in France). Sometimes this cookie is served as a dessert after a heavy Chinese meal, for example, a pig or lobster. Do not confuse almond cookies and fortune cookies, which also came to us from China.

Fruit salad, Central Africa
There is nothing more useful than a fruit salad, and what could be better than a dessert, which is even more useful than the main course? There is no clear recipe for this salad in Africa, but most often it includes a watermelon.

Churros, Spain
The desert is of a Spanish origin. Today it can be found in almost all countries, including Korean cinemas and American baseball games. Churros are sticks of soft dough, very similar in shape to the star and made from wheat flour and other special ingredients. It is better to enjoy them during cold winter nights, when the flavor of cinnamon of makes it especially pleasant.

Baklava, Turkey
This delicious dessert is usually associated with Greece, but for the first time it appeared in the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. At that time, the Greeks and Turks were exchanged ideas and culinary masterpieces actively, including baklava recipe. They use fillo dough, which is often difficult to handle, as it dries out quickly enough. Each layer is covered with melted butter and syrup, made from honey, sugar, lemon juice and orange water. The top is usually covered with nuts.Turkish men know what women love. Your beloved deserves to try it at least once.

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