Monday, November 21, 2016

Summer Palace at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

After several months of renovation, Summer Palace of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel which is touted as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Philippines finally opened its door again recently with a spanking new fresh and contemporary look. In line with the unveiling of the newly renovated restaurant, Summer Palace also introduces new menu items which give people more reasons to visit them again.

Summer Palace has been serving delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine to its guests for 22 years now. It has surely become part of the many milestones for most of us.

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Can I share a little personal fun fact here? Yeah, my first ever official date was at Summer Palace. The guy and I did not end up together but to this day, we are still good friends and we still share the same love for Chinese cuisine at Summer Palace. I’m sure some of you have fond memories of this restaurant.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Great Aussie Eats at Outback Steakhouse Philippines

We visited Outback Steakhouse Philippines' branch at Eastwood City Libis recently to check out their new menu items tagged as The Great Aussie Eats. The new Outback Steakhouse dishes are said to be "Extremely addictive new favorites from the land down under" hence, I knew from the get go that we gotta check it out pronto. 

It was my first time at their Eastwood branch right after relocating from their old nook along C5 and I must say that this new branch is way better because it is accessible. 

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While their branch in Glorietta Makati still holds a special place in my heart, the one in Eastwood is not a bad option either. not to mention, they offer breakfast meals in this branch. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Rib Platter at RACKS Philippines

Indeed, it is the best season to share the best ribs in town as RACKS Philippines launched their Holiday Rib Platter and other holiday offerings this year. RACKS is always known as one of the best places to go to when craving for downright manly and delicious ribs so this holiday offerings could be one of the many reason to tag along your family and friends as you visit your favorite Racks PH branch.

Available from November 14, 2016 to January 15, 2017, the holiday specials at RACKS PH is surely to please the meat lovers in you.

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I am not sure about you but I personally love RACKS and I have a lot of fond memories of it which involved my loved ones. So I am excited to share this news to you the same way I am excited to visit RACKS soon with my family to enjoy their holiday specials. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday Specials at Tenya Tempura Tendon Philippines

This holiday season, Tenya Tempura Tendon Philippines aims to transport its customers to the winter wonderland Japan through their holiday product offerings. The new limited offer holiday menu which is available from November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017 only is poised to make the diners' white Christmas dream come true while dining at all Tenya PH branches. 

Steak, Salad, Maki, and the well-loved Tepura Tendon and then some are the delicious things that comprised the holiday set menu. Known as Japan's number one Tempura Tendon, Tenya has once again step up its game by providing us more reasons to visit them. 

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I have already blogged about Tenya for quite a number of times already and I even hosted a blog giveaway before. It only goes to show how much I love Tenya and I am happy to report that since their opening, the quality of their food is still as stellar as ever. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kumori Matcha Signature Cheese Tart

I sort of knew it was bound to happen, the creation of Kumori Matcha Cheese Tart. It is fortunate that whatever creation that Kumori Philippines put their hands on, it always ends up crawling its way to our hearts and tummy. And whether we admit it or not, we are destined to love it. 

The combination of universally appreciated cheese and  matcha, which popularity is very apparent these days more than ever, is not very unlikely. As a matter of fact, it can be one of the best combination there is if the one to judge is a matcha believer such as myself. 

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I may have mentioned this here on the blog that I have deep affinity for matcha. This appreciation started years back when I was forced to ditch coffee for a while to avoid reflux which to this day I still believe was brought by the stress disguised as college thesis defense. While I refused to believe that coffee was the culprit, my love affair with matcha blossomed from then on. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Staycation at Hyatt, City of Dreams Manila

There are a lot of hotels near Ninoy Aquino International Airport and with the newly completed NAIA Expressway, travelers can expect to set foot at the City of Dreams Manila which houses impressive hotel properties, within approximately five minutes. With that good news, I figured it was the best time to have a staycation at Hyatt Hotel at City of Dreams Manila with some friends who just came from South Korea.

The convenience of really short travel time from picking them up at the airport to arriving at Hyatt COD was impressive.

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But then of course, its proximity to the airport is not the only thing that makes Hyatt the best option for a satisfying hotel stay when in Manila.  There are plenty of other reasons which make Hyatt, City of Dreams Manila your next best hotel destination. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cebu Food Trip: Isla Sugbu Seafood City Paluto-All-You-Can

We got to visit 10 restaurants during our Cebu Food Crawl with Food Crew PH and while I find all of it impressive, if pressed to decide on which of them is my ultimate favorite, I would say it's the Isla Sugbu Seafood City located at The Grand Convention Cebu. It is a Paluto-All-You-Can restaurant with main focus on fresh and bountiful servings of seafood and then some. 

I might be a bit biased here because if you have been reading my blog, you would know that I love love love seafood. I even co-authored a book about my love for seafood, remember. So yes, Seafood City just rocked my world while we were in Cebu.

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Now the great thing about Isla Sugbu is the fact that it is a a combination of a paluto and an eat-all-you-can restaurant. Choose all the fresh seafood and some meat you could muster to eat, then have the friendly chefs cook everything for you, and you're all good. 

Cebu Food Trip: Tsay Cheng Chinese Restaurant

Our first night during our Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH, we were on a roll and feeling we could take anything delicious that comes our way. After all, some of us are food bloggers and all of us are food enthusiasts trained to handle several restaurants in one day. But that particular day, we were scheduled to have two dinners in two restaurants located at The Grand Convention Center in Cebu.

One of the two restaurants was Tsay Cheng, a fine dining Chinese restaurant popular in Cebu.

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I love Chinese food in general so I was a bit excited to check out Tsay Cheng. Prior to my visit in Cebu, one of my relatives already recommended that I should take time to visit Tsay Cheng. It was a good thing that it was included in our food crawl line up.