Friday, November 27, 2015

Celebrate with Danes Cheese Ball, the Creamy Cheese Ball

Christmas season is upon us and I am pretty sure that most of us are already thinking and searching for new dishes for Noche Buena celebration. I have already prepared my list of dishes to cook. It has been a tradition in our family to cook 12 different dishes every Christmas to represent the prosperity we all hope to have on the next 12 months of the coming year.

Rule of thumb is, everyone in the family who is knowledgeable enough in the kitchen must have a dish of their own to prepare and it should be something new or with added twist.  So our family is pretty much enthusiastic when it comes to coming up with exciting dishes.

Danes Cheese Ball Queso de Bola Recipe
Last year, I went crazy over chestnut that I created a 3-course menu with chestnut as the main ingredient of the dishes. Now for Christmas 2015, I am putting my trust to our traditional Cheese Ball. And my secret is the ever reliable Danes Cheese Ball!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Serenitea Yuletide Offerings: Planner, Chocolate Drinks, and Jumbo Cups #ILoveSerenitea

Good things come in three, and this season, Serenitea offers three exciting treats for all of us; Serenitea Planner, Toblerone Chocolate-infused Drinks, and Jumbo Cups promo. Surely these things are great reason to make this Yuletide Season with Serenitea extra special.

These treats you can have for yourself, or you can have as a gift for your loved ones who also loves their Christmas be filled with Serenitea moments.

Serenitea Planner, Jumbo Cups Promo, Holiday Chocolate Drinks. Serenitea Blog Review Branches Facebook Instagram Twitter

If like me, you are also I fan of Serenitea, I am guessing you would love to know more about these treats, so, read on.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Love Letter to Chocolate Chip Army Cookies

Oh Chocolate Chip Army Cookies, how can I even begin to tell you how much your impeccable awesomeness blew me away? Perhaps by a salute? How about declaring you as one of the best cookies I have ever eaten in my years of food blogging?  I couldn’t think of any other ways right now but I am well aware that you deserve more than that.

A bite into your handcrafted cookies made me feel like I can battle the craziness of this world. It made me feel like I can soldier things out because at the end of the day, I can count on your downright deliciousness which can calm my nerves. You made me a cookie soldier.

It is so mighty courageous of you to join the food delivery landscape in Manila with only your cookies as your weapon in the midst of food delivery infested battle field. What is more courageous is the fact that you have even built a camp of your own where cookie soldiers like us may visit you and dine in. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Beeffalo by Hotrocks

Beeffalo by Hotrocks is my newest favorite restaurant in Antipolo City. Yes, I am saying that matter-of-factly. No beating around the bush, no flowery metaphors - just straight up declaration. And if you are curious about Beeffalo by Hotrocks but don't have the time, will, energy, nor means to travel in this mountainous part of the East, fret not, for they also have a branch in Marikina City.

So Yedy, what is good about Beeffalo by Hotrocks that suddenly made it to your favorite lists? Glad you asked. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Beeffalo Antipolo
I wouldn't bore you with my very limited knowledge about the now defunct Hotrocks restaurant which I was told where the awesomeness of Beeffalo started. Let's just find comfort in the fact that the great minds behind this restaurant have the right skills and knowledge in running a restaurant worthy enough to be included on my (and your) favorite list. In short, we are in good hands here.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Angono Food Crawl at Pop Talk GMA News TV

It's all about good food with a little bit of art at tonight's Angono Food Crawl episode of Poptalk, GMA News TV Channel 11 at 8pm. Our favorite host Kuya Tonipet will be joined by actress Coleen Perez, vlogger/model Wil Dasovich, and myself as the guest food blogger.

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet as I am currently nursing a mean flu coupled with some ill bouts of asthma attacks. Yep, chills and incessant coughing while I am typing this, the struggle is real I tell you. But in due course, I will be sharing with you some behind-the-scene snapshots and stories of our shoot.

Angono Food Crawl at Pop Talk GMA News TV
It's my second time to have a guesting at Pop Talk but compared to our LRT 1 Food Trip before, this Angono Food Crawl is close to my heart since I spent most of my growing years in this humble town tagged as the Artist Paradise before moving elsewhere to study and work. So this is pretty special to me.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stella Wood Fired Bistro, BGC

It took me a long while to finally visit Stella Wood Fired Bistro at BGC, and when I finally did, it was such a nice experience. There are plenty of restaurants within Bonifacio High Street area of BGC but I deem Stella, which specializes in wood fired dishes is one of those well worth checking out. 

Yeah, you must not follow my foot steps. I waited for too long. Had it not been for a writing assignment I am working on, I probably missed another round of  awful lot of bliss that only food at Stella could yield.

Stella Wood Fired Bistro, BGC
A lot has been said about Stella Wood Fired Bistro. A little Google search and you'll be presented with some factoids about this bistro and its sister bar lounge located just right beside it, the Rocketroom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting #HizonsFoodTasting #HizonsCatering

"What are the best and affordable catering services in Manila?" I tell you guys, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I am getting in my inbox. So when Hizon's Catering invited me to one of their Grand Food Tasting, to check out not just their food offerings but what exactly this event is all about, I figured, why not.

I've been writing about restaurants and food recommendations since 2008 but I rarely touched on Manila catering services. So despite the invite for the grand food tasting being scheduled on a Sunday, which is a family day for me, I decided to go and document the experience here on the blog for readers' reference.

Hizon's Grand Food Tasting, Best Catering Services in Manila
Apparently, despite being known in catering industry, Hizons Catering is very active in holding free food tasting for prospected clients. I was told they have it up to three times a week sometimes. Each event is held at Hizon's Catering affiliated event venues. This way, they are able to showcase and offer their services, not to mention let the guests try their food.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chowking Chunky Asado Siopao #BuksanParaMalaman

Have you tried Chowking's Chunky Asado Siopao yet? I have. It was very timely as I have been craving for really good siopao these past few weeks. I have my own recipe for Asado siopao but I am always pressed for time hence, a visit in my kitchen remains rarity these days. And I have not found any good place in our area that sells good siopao as of yet.

Little did I know, Chowking has this Chunky Asado Siopao which would somehow satisfy the mean cravings.

Chowking Chunky Asado Siopao
So how chunky is Chowking's Chunky Asado Siopao? Their official hashtag says it all, #BuksanParaMalaman. And that's what I did.