Friday, July 22, 2016

Applebee's Philippines, Eastwood

Applebee's Philippines recently opened its second branch in Eastwood City. It was only a little while back when Applebee's hit the Philippine restaurant scene when they opened their first ever branch located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Now they are ready to take on another side of the Metro with their all-American food and then some.

A lively grill and bar experience brought by the recent opening of Applebee's Eastwood is expected to add to the already colorful food scene in the area. Being one of the world's largest casual dining brands, diners can expect nothing less than world-class quality food and service.

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It was only recently that I get to visit Eastwood again. Comparing to the time when I was still working for Dell International Services way back, Eastwood has really evolved in terms of dining scene. And I must say that Applebee's is one delightful addition.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lunch Buffet at The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery, Antipolo City

For a long while I've regarded The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery as a place where people can get high quality stoneware ceramic plates created by the famous Lanelle Abueva Fernando. I cannot count how many of my friends who are mainly chefs, restaurateur, photographer, and fellow food stylists have I accompanied to Crescent Moon to buy plates they needed since I am from Antipolo

And funny how it was only recently that I took a great interest with their restaurant. Mainly because I find reserving for their lunch buffet a bit tricky. Now don't get me wrong, I love Crescent Moon Cafe.

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You see, based on my experience, unless you will be reserving for a big group, there really is no guarantee if you will be scoring lunch buffet or if you will be served a set meal. It depends on how many reservation they have for that day. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo

Main Street is one of the popular restaurants at McKinley in Taguig that opened a new branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. A brainchild of Adam Tan who has an impressive culinary experience in Canada, Main Street offers Canadian grubs and then some at a very reasonable price.

I rarely visit McKinley area so when my cousin Hefty Foodie and good friend Pepe Samson informed me that Main Street has now a branch in Kapitolyo, I gladly accept the invite to join them.

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For sure this one is a good news for those who have not tried Main Street yet due to their proximity to the branch in Taguig as well as those who have become a longtime fan who resides in Eastern and Northern part of the Metro. After all, aren't good restaurants supposed to have branches everywhere? I firmly believe in that, and I am rooting for Main Street. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Annam Noodle Bar, Eastwood Libis

I recently had a diner at Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood Libis to check out what this newly opened restaurant has to offer. I was under the impression that it was an entirely new concept until I learned that this is actually a Philippine incarnate of Namnam Noodle Bar, a famous Vietnamese restaurant chain in Singapore albeit named differently.

Pho and Bahn Mi are the main dishes that made this restaurant popular to its diners. Having experienced the on-set of rainy season this year, I figured Annam's opening hits a perfect timing.
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I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a great bowl of Pho since Vietnamese restaurants aren't easy to come by where I live. So this particular visit to Annam was a welcome respite from the usual dinner I get to enjoy these past few months.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Delicious Indian Food to Try at The Indian Food Festival Buffet of The Cafe, HYATT City of Dreams Manila

If you fancy a high quality and reasonably priced hotel buffet that features impeccable Indian cuisine, The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila is - dare I use the cliche that holds true, the place to be. For a whole week stretch that starts July 17 up until the 24th, The Cafe at Hyatt will take you to the Road to Gurgaon and let you discover Indian culinary gems. 

Spearheaded by guest chef Ajith Kumar from Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, the Indian Food Festival at The Cafe paves way to a gustatory journey that will lead guests to what The Lonely Planet tagged as the new New Delhi, Gurgaon - a fast growing city in India.

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No passport is needed to tread this delicious journey, for all it takes are open mind, appreciation for good food, and one big hell of an appetite. Trust me, whether you dig Indian food or still on your way to appreciating one, Indian Food Festival at The Cafe of Hyatt COD Manila can be the best option and a good start.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The TAPSISHOP in Binangonan Rizal, A Hole-in-the-Wall Diner where KingSilog™ Reigns

It was an unexpected detour, our visit at The TapsiShop in Binangonan Rizal. I rarely go to the area, but after much prodding by some friends and recently my mother who saw an online advertisement of this hole-in-the-wall, I figured why the hell not. After all, KingSilog doesn't sound bad at all and they even have this QueenSeaLog meal to boot. Cute, eh?

I cannot remember the last time I have written about a roadside eatery here on the blog or if I have ever written one for that matter. Perhaps I had, albeit in some other publication, I am not really sure.

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So instead of heading back home one day, I decided to finally meet the KingSilog they have all been raving about. After couple of bites of their much lauded Tapa, I sensed a tinge of regret for not having my camera with me because in my mind there was a little voice that says "Damn! This is so going in my blog."

Thank heavens for Smartphone. So, here we are.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Seafood Sunday Brunch Buffet at Spectrum, Fairmont Hotel Makati

Seafood lovers, such as myself shall rejoice as Spectrum of Fairmont Hotel in Makati City curates a Sunday Brunch meant to showcase delightful seafood dishes of wide variety. Spectrum's Seafood Sunday Brunch Buffet which started on June 5 will run up until August of this year only.

I have been to quite a few seafood-themed buffets because I just cannot say no to seafood (Case in point: Remember the book I co-written? Yes, my part of that book was all about seafood. I love seafood so much the Little Mermaid got nothin' on me.) Judging from the variety of seafood dishes laid on the buffet spread at Spectrum - man, they mean serious business, I tell you.

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Now, the thing about some seafood-themed buffets I have been to, as I observed, was that they only allocate a portion of their buffet spread to showcase certain numbers of seafood dishes. We are talking about those buffets that changes theme occasionally here and not those which are hardcore seafood buffet restaurants which feature seafood through and through.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Wars 2016

At California Pizza Kitchen, they believe that making pizza is not just a job, it is a passion. CPK is known for creating innovative artisanal pizzas but their passion goes beyond the actual output. They care about the story behind the curated pizzas they are serving, they acknowledge the inspiration behind every creation, and they give importance to the talent that paved way for diners to enjoy high quality pizzas one can only get at California Pizza Kitchen.

With this, an annual pizza-making competition for their in-house chefs called Pizza Wars is conducted to challenge their pizza makers to take their talent and passion to the next level.

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Wars
This friendly competition went through several rounds of competing and elimination process. The final round which happened last June 14 resulted into a successful event and was graced by esteemed judges namely Archie Rodriguez and Griffith Co (GRCICFO) alongside respected celebrity chefs Sau Del Rosario and Sandy Daza.