Saturday, March 28, 2015

BE WELL All Natural and Organic Health Food Store [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

I chanced upon BE WELL Organics, a food store that sells healthy all natural and organic products when I was out one time searching for a place where I could buy Chia Seeds in Antipolo City. I believe there are number of farms in Antipolo where people can source fresh organic produce. I myself have made use of the space at home that I have to grow my own food because with the kind of climate and rich soil we have here, it seems like a smart thing to do.

When it comes to other healthy food products and supplements however, the kinds we can usually find at Healthy Options and Sugar Leaf, sources here I deem are limited. 

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I guess it that is because it was only recently that some big supermarkets and malls started to penetrate the city. Still, I have not found any store which resembles to the two aforementioned health food stores.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ippudo Ramen Manila, Philippines

During my first visit at Ippudo located at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall to try what many said could be the Best Ramen in Manila by far, I knew that it will take me couple of more visits before I could write about it. Not because my first visit earned me an unpleasant experience, it was the opposite as a matter of fact. Save for the unavailability of the much talked about Ippudo Pork Buns, just like the other Manila Food Bloggers who wrote a review of Ippudo, my experience was nothing short of impressive.

You see, Ippudo is one of those restaurants which opening in Manila attracted numbers of curious food enthusiasts resulting to long lines of diners for several weeks.  In situation like that, it can be a bit of a challenge to strike gold when it comes to consistency. That thing, I wanted to check on hence, the wait before a blog post.

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Just like what I did during the time when people were mad rushing to dine at IHOP when it also opened a franchise here in Manila, I braved the long line at Ippudo. I do not intend to write about the grueling  hours of waiting, I believe the internet provided us with several accounts of people who also did that. So I am going to spare you with the details.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Green Dot Vegetarian Catering and Healthy Food Home Delivery Service in Manila

There are plenty of healthy food delivery services in Manila where people may order food online but I have seen nothing quite like Green Dot Vegetarian Catering and Healthy Food Delivery Service. Green Dot specializes in vegetarian cuisine, not just on food with low calorie count. Their specialty is Indian food but they also offer other varieties such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian Cuisine.

Green Dot started primarily as the only vegetarian catering service in the Philippines and then later on ventured into home food delivery service. Their mission is to provide vegetarian dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

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With busy schedule and strong will to still eat freshly prepared healthy food, it is understandable that people resort to this kind of delivery services these days. I, myself, although am not confined in a full time 8-to-5 job still find it hard sometimes to prepare a meal or eat out especially when pressed for time due to some tasks at hand. Indeed, home food delivery is the way to go. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nostalgia Dining Lounge at Oakwood Hotel, Ortigas

Nostalgia Dining Lounge is the new revamped version of Oakroom Restaurant at Oakwood Premier-Joy Nostalg Center in Ortigas. Launched February of this year, Nostalgia Dining Lounger still aims to be food enthusiast's best bet as one of the Best Restaurants in Manila. With its rebirth, the restaurant is sporting a new look that is suggestive of old days gone by mixed with modern sophistication - best fit for a fine dining restaurant that represents one of the Best Hotels / Apartment Services known in the country.

Staying true to the name Nostalgia, Executive Chef Jerome Cartailler bring forth his beloved family recipes from France since way back alongside the usual crowd favorites during the time when Nostalgia is still Oakroom.

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I have always loved Oakroom Restaurant at Oakwood. If you are a regular reader of YedyLicious, you know the countless times I have blogged about it. I even hosted couple of giveaways. So, when I heard that they recently made a revamped to further better serve their patrons, I was so excited. Right after my trip to Palawan, I went directly to Nostalgia to check out its new look and other offerings.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

KFC Philippines Double Down Dog #KFCDoubleDownDog

I was at KFC Antipolo branch the other day to grab some quick snack while doing some errands when I noticed from their menu that they are offering the KFC Double Down Dog. I have heard and seen advertisement of Double Down Dog from TV, Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram for weeks now but with the tag "Limited Offer."  I also heard that only select KFC branches carry this new product. Since I was out-of-town most of the time, I somehow ditched the idea to race against time just to try it. 

But curiosity got the better off me when several friends sent me SMS asking my opinion about the Double Down Dog - theirs are mixed reactions. So, I have checked few KFC provincial branches while on some trips to no avail. Little did I know, I could have this KFC Double Down Dog at the branch near my home.

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Just like the KFC Original Double Down, the Double Down Dog variant boasts of KFC's famed fried chicken but in fillet form. Right smack in the middle of the taco-shaped fillet is a piece of regular size Tender Juicy Chick N' Cheese Hotdog topped sloppily with what I think was a sandwich spread.