Thursday, September 03, 2015

Go-En Japanese Ramen, Quezon City: Ramen, Kendama, and Manga

Go-En Japanese Ramen Shoppe Plus is a little ramen shop in Sgt. Esguerra Ave. Quezon City that offers its diner more than just traditionally made ramen. Go-En also offers the fun of playing Kendama toys and the pleasure of reading Japanese comics, Manga

Tucked within Jardin de Zenaida compound, Go-En Ramen shouldn't be hard to locate, all you have to remember is that they are located in the same area as the famous Livestock Restaurant.

Go-En Ramen in Quezon City
Owned by lovely couple John and Marilyn who are both staying in Japanese for 20 years now, Go-En was named after Japanese five yen coin which is known to bring good luck. There is also another phonetically similar word Goen which means good luck in relationship often exchange by friends. With this, Go-En Ramen aims to establish a lucky relationship between them and their diners.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

#TenyaXYedyLicious GIVEAWAY! Win Tenya Team Party of 10 and Have a Feast of Tempura Tendon With Your Friends!

Hey guys! So I have shared with you my Tempura Tendon Tenya experience before here at YedyLicious. Judging from the high readership it has been getting, I am guessing that there are a lot of you who are interested in trying out Tenya, if you have not done so.  And I myself would want you my dear readers to experience the goodness of food at Tenya. Now there is a good news.

Kindly people behind Tempura Tendon Tenya has partnered with YedyLicious to host Tenya Team Party of Ten Giveaway.  We are taking the fun to Instagram so get ready to follow and tag and possibly win this contest.

Tenya and YedyLicious Blog Giveaway Contest
That’s an amazing tempura feast on the horizon so if you are interested to join this very easy giveaway, read on to check out the mechanics.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles Promo at BEYOND THE BOX

So this is a break from the usual food posts since I am going to talk about MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundle Promo at Beyond the Box for the entire month of September.  I am guessing a lot of us dream of having our very own MacBook Air because let us admit, it is the most beautiful laptop to date, not to mention cost efficient.  

Now this month, Beyond the Box is poised to help us make our dreams come true by offering super easy MacBook Air Zero24 installments bundles.

Beyond the Box MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles Promo.
There are three choices of bundle to choose from depending on your needs. Bundles, being the operative word suggest that aside from the beautiful MacBook Air, there are other complimentary add-ons (no extra charge, yes.) included in each bundle. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Swift Premium Corned Beef: Slow-Cooked and Cured to Perfection #MmmTakesTime

Recently I got a package filled with Swift Premium Corned Beef for me to try. It is said that it boasts of slow-cooked and cured to perfection process that makes the beef not just downright tender but impressively flavorful as well. Sounds promising.

I live in the mountain and slow cooking is pretty much common here not just to while away time but to ensure the quality and flavor of food as well. So it is safe to say that although not religiously, it is still something I advocate.  So I have high hopes not to mention expectation for this product. 

Swift Premium Corned Beef Slow Cooked and Cured To Perfection
Honestly, this is my first time to try Swift brand for my corned beef fix. I have few favorites and my family is pretty much loyal to the local brand we have been using. But as with some things in life, it wouldn't hurt to try something new - as a matter of fact, it can be rewarding at times.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vikings Loyalty Card

Have you got your own Vikings Loyalty Card yet? If you are a fan of Vikings Buffet, NIU by Vikings, and Four Seasons Hot Pot, this loyalty card, I tell you, is something you should acquire. Special rates, discounts, promos, and dining privileges at all Vikings Buffet branches including its partners await - all you have to do is be a member.

This Loyalty Program by Vikings is their way of rewarding their loyal patrons. There are three tier of membership and each one has its own perks and privileges. 

I am going to make this sweet and short by throwing in necessary details about Vikings Loyalty Card then route you to the right portals wherein you can get detailed information about this card that you should have.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shakey's Pizza Philippines Conquers Guinness World Records [And Then Some Family Feast]

Shakey’s Pizza Philippines, in celebration of its 40th year, is proud to announce that they recently conquered the Guinness World Records!  Now this good news relayed to us by some of our friends from Shakey’s Philippines I deem well worth sharing. So let me give you some brief info about this awesome news before I head straight to the recent visit I had at Shakey’s Pizza.

The challenge which comes from The Guinness World Records and The History Channel is all about eating a 12 inch pizza in the fastest amount of time. With the aid of one brave soul named Kevin Medina, a Shakey’s Pizza aficionado, they were able to beat the existing record and emerged on top.

Shakey's Pizza Philippines On Guinness World Record. Shakey's Pizza Family Meal Deal Bundle
Kevin Medina, a Shakey’s Pizza aficionado finished a 12 inch cheese flavored thin crust pizza in a record breaking 23.62 seconds beating the former record holder Peter Czerwinski in 41.31 seconds.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Caruso Ristorante Italiano, Makati City

Caruso Ristorante Italiano, a fine dining Italian restaurant in Makati City is one of those which have stayed under the radar for years now. Yet, its silence does not mean that it lacks the things well worth raving. As a matter of fact, it is pretty popular among Italians living here in our country and it already has another branch located in Boracay.

Italian restaurants here in the Philippines, particularly in Manila are aplenty. There are some which swears by its authenticity with the land in which it hails from while the others played the tweaking challenge in order to suit locals' palate. Caruso is one of those which remains true to the Italian food form.

Caruso Ristorante Italiano Fine Dining Italian Restaurant in Makati City
A fine dining place that boasts of high quality and great tasting food, impeccable service, and impressive ambiance, Caruso is slowly making its way to the band of restaurants currently making wave in the world wide web, all thanks to some bloggers whose raves are really hard not to notice. I figured it's also time for me to check this place out.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Little House of Cheesecakes and More [Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series]

I chanced upon Little House of Cheesecakes and More in Antipolo City while I was working on a write up for one of the food magazines I am writing for. Situated at the new commercial complex that boasts of new restaurants and food stores near Ynares Center in Antipolo, The Little House of Cheesecakes is not really hard to locate.

The name may imply that the store sells different kinds of cheesecakes you could ever imagine. I myself, was under that impression. Yet, my visit opened my eyes to this wonderful little world of well yes, cheesecakes - and then some. That includes one of my most favorite things in the world - books.

The Little House of Cheesecakes in Antipolo City Rizal
I notice that there is a sudden wave of new restaurants opening in Antipolo City and as a blogger, it really makes me happy. So, in continuing with my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series for YedyLicious, let us talk about The Little House of Cheesecakes and More (LHCM).