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Shabu-Shabu at David's Tea House

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese variant of hot pot, traditionally made with thin slices of beef submerged into a pot of hot broth together with variants of vegetables is one dish that many Filipinos love to enjoy. Nowadays, Shabu-Shabu is not only limited to beef since modern preparation already includes pork, chicken, duck, fish, and other seafood. One thing that made Shabu-Shabu special is that it is a healthy dish anyone can indulge in.

One of the Restaurants that I go to for my Shabu-Shabu fix is David’s Tea House in Tomas Morato. This restaurant serves authentic Chinese (HongKong) food in an ambiance of a modern Chinese restaurant. Although they are famous for their noodles, dimsums, and congees, their Shabu-Shabu, I must say is also worth the try.

Not only do they serve delicious Shabu-Shabu, but unlike any other restaurant, theirs is more affordable. Their Set A which is good for 2-3 person is only 650php, while their Set B for 4-5 person is 950php only.

Aside from its affordability, I love how generous their servings have always been. Upon ordering, you will be given a list of the ingredients that you would like to include in your Shabu-Shabu. And with the choices they have, you can always adjust your hotpot set to your personal liking.

Usually, I choose U.S. Angus Fat Beef and U.S. Baby Fat Beef for the fresh meat. For the seafood, I normally go for fresh oyster, sliced squid, and fish fillet.

Since they don’t have Shrimp on their seafood options, I always include Shrimp Balls or Fresh Shrimp Dumplings alongside Fish Cake on their Specialty option. As for the noodle and vegetable options, well, it depends on my cravings for that particular day.

Personally, although I love the peanut buttery taste of their Satay Soup, I always opt for the Combination Soup Base which consists of Satay and Simple Soup. Both are tasty but with added condiments, they are surefire savory than usual.

If you want to have a Shabu-Shabu dining experience, or if you are simply craving for it, David’s Tea House Hotpot Set / Shabu-Shabu can surely satisfy your taste without burning a hole in your pocket. It is best enjoyed after a drinking session with your friends since it is one good way of nursing a hang over, or you can also savor this delectable dish with the whole family. Either way, it is one way of sharing a scrumptious meal that is interactive and fun, not to mention customized depending on one’s own liking.

David's Tea HouseTomas Morato Branch
#68 CTTM Square Timog Ave.
Tel.: (02) 441-1491
*credits to Ern Raymundo
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  1. thanks for the info. now i know where to go to nextweekend :)


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