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Marriott Manila Sunday Brunch Buffet

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Last week, together with fellow bloggers, we visited Marriot Hotel at Newport City Complex, Pasay City to try their Marriott Café’s Sunday Brunch Buffet. The recent expansion on their buffet spread selections led foodies to a festive brunch which made rising early that day well worth it.

(One of my many plates) Perfectly seared foei gras, medium well rib-eye steak, grilled calamari, mashed potato, and grilled vegetable.  How’s that for a brunch?

We are talking about brunch here, but Marriott Café boast of 14 different buffet sections to satisfy their guests.  With the play in variations, Marriott set a standard in bending the usual buffet spread that most of the restaurants and other hotels can offer.  Thanks to Marriott's Executive Chef Meik Brammer and his team, Sunday brunch now bears new and delightful meaning.

The 14 different buffet sections includes; Live Oyster Bar, Chilled Seafood, Sashimi and Wicked Rolls, Salad Bar, Gourmet Salumiere, Foie Gras, Cheese Studio, Chowder, Carvery, Antonio’s (Pasta Section), Chinese, Yakitori, Tandoor, CRU Steakhouse, bakery and Pastries, Dessert, and Bloody Mary Bar.  It’s not as if these sections are not enough, the brunch buffet includes an all you can eat chocolates at their Chocolate Room.

Located near the Live Oyster Section is the Chilled Seafood Section in which guests can enjoy lobster, tiger prawns, New Zealand mussels, and blue crab. The Yakitori section beside the Tandoori area includes classic Japanese grill using mainly different chicken parts.

The Cheese Studio may not be as impressive as the other hotel buffets in terms of variety, but I appreciate that it includes local specialty from Davao.  Dried fruits, nuts, and artisan bread are also included at the section.

Gourmet Salumiere includes selection of premium ham and Italian charcuterie.  Duck liver terrine and smoked as well as cured salmon are also included in this section.
One of my favorite sections is the Pasta known at Marriot as Antonio's.  Instead of the usual pasta dishes, it features interesting line up of freshly made pasta cooked as per request such as pumpkin tortellini, spinach gnocchi, salmon ravioli, and plain risotto. Guests are free to choose from these variants plus they can also decide what sauce, condiments, and toppings which they prefer.
The Chinese section features Suckling Pig, Roast Duck, Soy Chicken, Hainan Chicken, Pork Knuckles, and Pork Asado.  Noodles are also available and cooked as per guests' request. 

Of the many buffets that I have tried, Marriot is probably one of those who take their salad section seriously.  There are so many varieties of salad available for the guests to enjoy.
Truth be told, Marriott's Suckling Pig was the best I have ever tasted so far.  The thin and crispy skin, divine!
The Carvery station includes Australian prime rib, traditional lechon, and roasted lamb.

CRU Steakhouse is definitely one of my favorite sections.  While the sophisticated chic ambiance of the area is enough for me to have a grand time at the section, it was their specialties which are incorporated on the brunch menu which blew me away.

Foie Gras all you want!

Australian Rib eye and strip lion steak all you want!

mash potato, roasted pumpkin, grilled asparagus, grilled corn, grilled tomato, and grilled leeks as accompaniment to CRU's specialties. 

Tiger prawn, Calamari,and Lapu-Lapu fish are also available for the taking at CRU.

Who says you can't have Bloody Mary, Martini, or Cosmo during brunch?  At Marriott's you can. Yes, it's included on the brunch buffet, so huzzah bottomless all the way!

First plate. Focaccia bread, slices of cheese, and butter, and smoked salmon. Pretentious, I know. But it was just a kick start to whet my appetite!
Second plate: Chinese goodies. Third: Pasta. I asked the chef to put two of each pasta available so that I can try everything in one go, then opt for a cream based sauce with lots of cheese!

Rochelle and I got excited with the oyster and requested for baked ones, but it didn't come off as we expected.  But it was good nonetheless. The baked prawns were also good but it was not something I would go for the next time.  The texture was too soggy for my taste, so, I will stick for the grilled ones next time.
A plateful of awesomeness! Foie Gras, Steak, Calamari.

For the dessert I skipped the usual pastries and cake because I already have a plateful of chocolate goodness from the chocolate room. Then, I opted for two scoops of Chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries, sprinkled with chocolate crinkles, crushed pecans and pistachio nuts, drizzled with chocolate syrup.  

Truth be told, the section in which I spent most of my time during the brunch, aside from our table, was the Chocolate Room.  It was heaven on earth! I will be sharing more of the Chocolate Room and the Chocolate Chef on my next post.

The Sunday Brunch Buffer at Marriott Cafe is definitely something I can recommend. For only Php2,000 you will get to enjoy wide variety of food choices that are satisfying. 

If this is not a perfect definition of grand Sunday leisurely brunch worth waking up early for, then I don't know what is.

Marriott Café Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999. 

Marriot Cafe, Marriott Hotel Manila
No. 10, Newport Bvld., Marriott Hotel Manila , Newport City Complex
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 988-9990

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  1. It was so great sampling yummy food with you Yedy! :) till our next bonding!

    Excellent post as always ;)

  2. honestly nagutom ako sa post na to. nice meeting you yedylicious! =)

  3. I was salivating while reading this! PHP2,000 SERIOUSLY??????? THAT IS SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!! I will make it a point to eat here one of these days! Foie gras all we want????? Oysters?? Sashimi??? OH MY GOSH!!! I WANT!!!! Hahahahah I got so excited reading this post! Thank you so much for posting the price! :D :D

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

  4. Pasta looks superb! Love the photos!

  5. nagutom din ako sa post mo. mukhang mapaparami kain ko ng dinner. =)

  6. I will really limit my food intake per menu so that I won't get full. I wanna taste 'em all. Yum!

  7. Everything looks good ah! I'd definitely head to Marriott Cafe when time and budget permits :)


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