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Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel at Promenade Greenhills

Cowrie Grill is the signature restaurant of the famous Manila Hotel which opened way back 1977 and closed down to make way for Café Ilang-Ilang last 2011. Fast forward to 2013, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel once again re-opened its door but this time, at Promenade in Greenhills San Juan.

Now a satellite restaurant of Manila Hotel, Cowrie Grill has the flamboyance and the elegance of the well-known hotel it is representing. The magic in the kitchen is spearheaded by Cowrie Grill’s Executive Chef Michael G. So Chan. Thoughtful service and food of high quality are just some of the things that one may look forward to dining at Cowrie Grill.

Some of the original cowrie shells that decorated the restaurant when it was still on its original location were still preserved and presented as décor at the newly opened branch. The ambiance is sophisticated without being snobbish. Five start hotel restaurant dining experience is always expected.

During its media launch, Cowrie Grill treated its guests to an elegant five-course meal that features some of the best dishes at Cowrie Grill. The luncheon started with freshly baked breads of different variants and some homemade flavored butter.

I have always been a bread and olive oil kind-of-girl, but there are some exceptions especially when the butter is as good as the ones served to us at Cowrie Grill. I specifically liked the sundried tomato butter in its glorious reddish hue as it lends a more profound flavor to the bread in contrast to the more subtle herbed butter.

Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino (Php250) served with long and thin garlic bread hinting of cheese. The earthy flavor of the mushroom was a dead giveaway that it was freshly harvested before turning into the amazing soup that it was. Velvety smooth in texture, this hearty soup was some of the best mushroom soup I have had by far.

Known for its chef's signature dishes prepared table side, Cowrie Grill also presented to us the intricate preparation it took to come up with a perfect Maitre’D Caesar Salad (Php290/greens, Php460/shrimp). I have a great liking for Mario's Restaurant Caesar Salad prepared table side as well, but Cowrie Grill's interpretation of this classic is also impressive and delightful to the palate.

Amidst the media people having a grand time with the meal, the superstar of the luncheon made its entrance. Collective oohhs and aahhs transpired, then the what seems to be unending clicks of cameras follow suit. Who could blame us? The Roast US Angus Bee Prime Rib was just gorgeous!

The Roast US Angus Bee Prime Rib is available in two serving portions; 14oz. New York Cut (P1,800) and the 10oz. English Cut (P1400). This prime rib comes with three kinds of sauces; chili peppercorn sauce, bearnaise, and mushroom gravy.

Served with grilled vegetables and potato gratin on the side, the prime rib was one of the best I have tried. Perfectly cooked into medium rare which is what I always prefer in my steak. The sauces were an added bonus, but in its absence, the Roast US Angus Bee Prime Rib still shine on its own. 

My friend and luncheon table buddy Dude For Food got a humongous thick slab of the prime rib and judging by the way he raved about the goodness of the meat while feasting on it, I know he had a grand time as well.

I cannot rival my friend's appetite that can down a macho slab of steak in no time, I specifically requested for a lady-like servings of the prime rib. Still, it was huge but I am not complaining, really. 

Mine was the lady version of Dude For Food's manly slab, yet, equally sinful indulgent.Yes, I ate those fatty parts, it was bliss!

The addition of grilled vegetables was a thoughtful added bonus as it cuts through the meaty taste when one is overwhelmed. I particularly like mashing the grilled bulb of garlic to the meat and adding some chilli peppercorn to the mixture before devouring it. The potato gratin was equally impressive. Creamy and downright cheesy, it could be a meal on its own, but who could ever pass up a steak? not I.

For the dessert, we had the Baked Alaska (Php420) finished table side doused with flamed dark rum. As with any other signature dishes prepared table side, this one was entertaining.

The Baked Alaska boats of honeycomb shape that when cut open, combination of cream, soft chiffon cake made all the more palatable with vanilla and strawberry cream. Cocktail drinks such as cognac cocktail with cherries and Hennesy Martini were also served.

The luncheon was a feast of the senses I would not soon forget. Indeed, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel aims to provide a memorable dining experiences with a flair of sophistication and elegance to their guests. I was able to browse through their menu and I noticed that the prices are reasonable considering you will be getting high quality of food in a sophisticated ambiance with high standard of service. 

After experiencing a delicious feast, I aim to dine at Cowrie Grill at Greenhills anytime soon. There are a lot of dishes on the menu that I would love to try, but I would like to experience it as a regular diner. Yet, judging from my first dibs, Cowrie Grill indeed is a place of great food well worth remembering.

Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel
(New Wing of the Promenade Shopping
Center of Greenhills, Near Gloria Maris)
Missouri St.  Greenhills
San Juan City
Contact No.: 527-0011
Facebook Page: /ManilaHotel
Twitter: @ManilaHotel


  1. I am kicking myself for missing this!!! Sayang I wouldn've seen you and THE DUDE! The food seem so awesome!!! Would love to try it soon!

    1. Hi Eric Jaz! Yeah sayang! Richard and Eugene were there too. I guess let's just do a food trip at Cowrie Grill next time with the rest of KTGs :)

  2. Omo! /( '0' )\

    A slab of steak that huge is good for two, at least in my opinion. I really hope I could take the time and courage to go to San Juan to visit Cowrie Grill. Maybe next time.

    1. Hi Aki, good restaurant is always worth the travel :) Would love to know your thoughts on Cowrie Grill, do share it with us if ever. Thanks for dropping by!


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