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Choc-O-Nut Cake by Red Ribbon

Saturday, August 22, 2009
I was on my way home and thinking of the food review I have to make for the Rancho Ranchero Burger as promised on yedylicious' twitter account when I heard Red Ribbon's Radio Advertisement for their new cake roll. Although I have recently reviewed their S'mores Chocolate Cake, I know, I would have to start another review on their new product.

Red Ribbon has yet again introduced another cake inspired by everyone's favorite childhood's treat, this time, its ChocNut. Another addition to the varieties of their cake, Choc-O-Nut cake roll just like the others is available in Whole roll for 315php and half roll for 195php.

Made out of the classic soft chiffon cake, smothered with rich and creamy icing, then sprinkled with chocolate bits and crushed nuts.

No they didn't put ChocNut bar on it, therefore you wouldn't be overwhelmed with the flavor itself, but every bite will give you the lavish indulgence of the cream and the chocolate bits, then a subtle taste of the nuts will kick in which gives you the hint that it is indeed ChocNut flavored cake.

Another delectable cake for the children, and the children at heart, from Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon Delivery hotline is 8-7777

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