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S’mores Chocolate Cake by Red Ribbon

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Who doesn't love s'mores? I know most of us grew up with it, because, what would our childhood camping and picnics be without it? A combination of roasted marshmallow and a slab of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker, definitely a memory of happy childhood.
When Red Ribbon introduced their version of s’mores turned into cake, I was a little apprehensive about it. A glorified version of my childhood's favorite camping snack? It should be eaten with a Tom-Sawyer-may-care kind of attitude, with the chocolate dripping on your fingers as you bite on the soft mallows and crispy graham, how could they possibly turn it into something that requires fork? But then again, for the sake of it, I give in to the rave that is. And I never regretted it.

Made up of layers of delightfully moist chocolate chiffon cake with layers of soft marshmallows and graham, made more delectable with whipped chocolate, chocolate cookie crumbs, and topped with cream kisses, chocolate squares and luscious caramel syrup.

It is sweet and definitely delicious for all its worth, kids would love it but adults should just have a moderate serving for it can kick you way to the avoided sugar land.

The regular size is 520php while the junior is 320php.

Red Ribbon bakeshop delivery hotline is 8-7777
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