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White Forrest Cake by Red Ribbon

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Red Ribbon, one of the leader and innovator of signature cakes here in the country has yet again launched another creation which will surely found its place in the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts. "Let there be White" Red Ribbon says, as they made a complimentary opposite of the famous Black Forrest they called, none other than, Red Ribbon White Forrest Cake.

The Red Ribbon White Forest is made with moist white chiffon cake layered between fusion of cream and cherry bits filling covered white chocolate cream and generously finished white chocolate shavings. On top of it are cream rosettes and luscious long-stemmed, red maraschino cherries.
Sweet and simple, that's how I would describe it. This is pretty much straight forward the opposite of Black Forrest Cake. If you're the type who likes variety of tastes and texture on your cake, then I guess, this cake can be as boring as color white itself. But if simplicity in flavor is your cup of tea, then White Forrest can give your heart's delight a deliciously memorable dessert experience.

Visit any Red Ribbon branch today and get the new White Forest or simply call 8-77-77 and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

2 comments on "White Forrest Cake by Red Ribbon"
  1. i added your site in my foodie list, sorry for the delay. i haven't had the pleasure of eating white forest yet but i hope soon i can, i asked my bro to buy one today but when he came home he had cookies and cream with him, he said the nearby red ribbon had no white forest cake in stock :(

  2. Hi Anya, thank you for adding my blog on your foodies' list, I really apreciate that :) You can have Red Ribbon deliver White Forrest Cake on your doorstep like what most of my friends did since it was also out of stock when they tried purchasing one over the counter :)

    Thanks again Anya! All the best :)


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