Little Asia, Symphony of Flavors

March 04, 2011

Way before I started blogging I have always been an adventurous foodie. I am not the type who needs to check on reviews first before dining in to restaurants. When it comes to trying out restos, I always take chances, and that is how I found some of the best restaurants I never thought would give me satisfaction. But of all the restos I have been to and will be going to, I am certain that Little Asia will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have lived in San Juan City for quite a while now and you could probably imagine how frequent I’ve been to Greenhills area. I have tried several restos there, some of which I have visited quite a number of times. Ironically, although Little Asia is always on top of my list, I only visit the resto during special occasions not because they are pricey, theirs are reasonable in fact, but because most of the memorable dining experiences with some of the special people I hold dear in my life was spent there.

It was in Little Asia that I have dined with my very first colleagues the first time I started working after graduation. It was there that my best girls celebrated our mini reunion after being away from each other for a long time. It was there that my bestfriend Pauly and I spent our last dinner together with some of our College Friends before he left the country. Those special moments in my life were witnessed by some of the staff at Little Asia in Greenhills, and they were always kind enough to celebrate with our joys by giving kind gestures and little surprises to our group.

This multi-awarded restaurant rocks when it comes to customer service and when it comes to food, they are one of the gods. Most of the dish on their menu is truly excellent, but these are the ones I truly enjoy.

Cantonese Prawn

Sautéed prawns in cream and cheese sauce. If there is one dish I could eat for the rest of my life, this would be it. This dish is a total knock out in my opinion. The prawn meat is so tender it can easily be separated from the skin. Although soaked in the creamy goodness of the sauce, the prawns are still juicy therefore it isn’t over powered by the taste of the cheese. They obviously use fresh prawns because of its sweet taste.

Little Asia Crispy Fried Chicken

Your crispy delicious classic Fried Chicken made better with Little Asia’s own concoction of seasoning. The skin is so crispy and savory and the meat is equally tasty and juicy.

Chicken Wrapped In Bacon

Chicken and pork combined with honey sauce. This savory dish blew me off. The chicken is soft while the bacon is juicy and when their flavors collide inside your mouth, it’s pure bliss.

Salt and Pepper Fried Squid

Now this one I like specifically because the squid is not rubbery compare to other restos which offers the same dish. The batter is so tasty and crispy but the meat is still juicy.

Japanese Mixed Fried Rice

This is your usual Yang Chow Fried Rice with a twist. You can have it even without a viand.

These are just some of the dish I always order whenever I am at Little Asia but there are more. With customer service as good as theirs and a place so relaxing, one couldn’t help but try out every wonderful dish on their menu. Of course, it is always best shared with people important to you.

I know that this restaurant deserve one hardcore post wherein I could rave about how good the food are and how cozy the place is, with some kicking photos but I couldn’t help myself to post a teaser because another memorable event is on its way. Surely when the plane landed, this is the first restaurant I will be dragging my bestfriend Pauly to, so that we can make another beautiful memory of shared good food and fascinating stories.

Little Asia, Symphony of Flavors Branches :

Greenhills Promenade, 2nd Level Ortigas, San Juan City Tel No. 727-5265

195-B Tomas Morato cor. Scout Fuentebella, QC Tel No. 373-0609 / 410-4937

Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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