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Italian Spiced Honey Bacon

Thursday, May 05, 2011
If there is one sin in this lifetime that I am willing to commit, that would be eating bacon everyday. It is not really healthy but who are we kidding here? Bacon is the sole reason why I can never be a vegan. Bacon is the sole reason why I am investing on good treadmills. My love for it steeled my resolved that it is one of the few items of food that come with their own religion. Crazy? Yes. Over bacon.

My deep rooted liking for bacon made me come up with my own list of “ten thousand things I can cook using bacon”. Yet, despite numbers of recipes, on a lazy day like today, and yesterday, and probably the next day, and the day after the next day, I know, I would always go back to one simple recipe I made up.

Italian Spiced Honey Bacon

This is supposed to be a recipe entry, but we are talking about bacon here. With that, I don’t feel the need to provide all measurement for the ingredients so as not to make you feel deprived as to how much you can have. Indulge. It’s bacon for bacon’s sake ;)

Not a lot of ingredients are needed. The title of the post is a dead give away. You just need to have a pack or two of your favorite bacon. For me, the fatter the better. I am hard core that way. I respect people who need lean bacon in their life, but I always deemed those two words combined as an irony. Well, to each his own.

Fry the bacon to the degree of crisp based on your preference. I am not really into crispy kind of bacon. I want mine soft and tender. I want to chew it in all its glory and not bite into it with crackling sound. While frying, pour some good quality honey. Again, the amount of honey depends on your preference. I want my babe, soaked in the heavenly goodness of honey that would put Winnie The Pooh into shame.

A minute before turning off the flame, throw in some Italian Spices/Seasoning to the bacon for a good measure, then mix, until the aroma of the spices is enough to make you crazy. Italian spices are available in the grocery store, the kind you see in those cute little bottles alongside other spices.

Serve and be amazed by the awesomeness of living life with bacon :)

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2 comments on "Italian Spiced Honey Bacon"
  1. that made me hungry! I love bacons... nice blog post!☺

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  2. thank you raving mad :) you got a nice blog as well :)


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