Of New Beginnings, Healings, and Sweet Endings at Banapple ~ Part One of Two

June 06, 2011

It was a great beginning disguised as a heartbreaking ending. I knew it right there and then, after hearing sobs and ill bouts of bitter laughter, upon sinking my teeth to the al dente lasagna pasta smothered with tomato meat sauce on top, while a creamy herbed cheese silently nestled in between. It was an epiphany. One among many.

Exactly how many great meals have I consumed on my frequent visits to Banapple’s different branches? I am not quite sure. What I am sure of is that great meals from them never fail to make me feel good, especially when life plays a little tough. This time though, it was a dear friend who was given a tough blow to deal with. So, to the nearest Banapple we went.

Lasagna Roll Ups

He was slicing the parmesan encrusted chicken fillet in all its tenderness and glory while recaping the event that transpired the night before. It was in all honesty heart breaking but I remained calm. Silently, I watched and listened as I cradled forkful of lasagna rolled up’s occasional trip to my mouth. I was waiting for him to take that first proverbial bite because I know that after that, he will lighten up. I was right.

My friend at that time was in an emotional turmoil, but the rich stewed tomato meat sauce and the melted mozzarella cubes romancing the chunks of the fillet was so gorgeous it washes heavy loads away. I saw his face lit up. The same familiar face I am so used to whenever there’s a joyful anticipation of good things yet to come. I gave my two cents regarding his situation as we shared a couple of bites of our respective meals. Every bite was an absolution. A freedom from heartaches, away from the things that one should let go.
Chicken Breast Parmigiano

It amazes me how a good meal can bring you back into wholeness on so many different levels. Lost opportunities, relationship that didn’t work out, sad goodbyes, are just few of a thousand and one reasons for ones heart to break. I have my own fair share of those heart aches, but as always, I got a million and one ways to mend. A good meal at Banapple is definitely one of them.
Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs

Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs and Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce are some of my ultimate comfort food. The Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs’ succulent meat that literally falls off the bones screams flavor in every shred of it. While the Chicken Rolls that delicately caressed by the basil sauce gives it a subtle spunk which is remarkably delicious.
Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce

The tender cubes of rib-eye steak and sliced mushrooms of their Salpicao Rafael was a declaration that the elegance of simplicity can be made special a notch higher if it was prepared with love. I’ve had one too many Beef Salpicao before but Banapple’s remains as my favorite. I heard that it was named after the owner’s son, Rafael. How’s that for love?
Salpicao Rafael

Their Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes was the first dish I remember eating at Banapple and it definitely served as a representation that everything on their menu is worth giving a try. The baked white fish in cream was very succulent while the scalloped potato only made it more gratifying to the tummy. The mozzarella-crumb that crowns the fish is yet another element that makes this dish lingers to your memory days after having it.
Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes

Breaded Fillet of Cream Dory with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce is another must try dish if you are not big on meat. The crunchiness on the outside does not discount the fact that the dory is still juicy inside giving you an assurance of freshness. The honey thyme mustard sauce gives it a kick of taste to behold.
Breaded Fillet of Cream Dory with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce

Banapple’s Crisp Pork Scallopini with Sour Cream Barbecue Sauce is yet another revelation. Golden fried pork cutlets are already good in itself, but smothered with savory sour cream and barbecue sauce? It definitely is a match made to last forever. I love the way the flavor of the sauce blends in as you bite into the crispy cutlets of savory pork. One spoonful after another remains a wonderful treat, a meal you will always long for.
Crisp Pork Scallopini with Sour Cream Barbecue Sauce

Aside from Lasagna Roll Ups, I am crazy about their Baked Creamy Cheese Penne. I love the interplay between the white cheese sauce and the meaty tomato sauce as it gives a push and pull of flavor in the penne pasta. The sautéed Hungarian sausage may not be visible but the flavor is there, giving you a hint that the minced meat scattered playfully on the sauce plays a role after all.
Baked Creamy Cheese Penne

These are just some of the hot meals of Banapple that etched a mark in my heart. Comfort food, at its finest, yes. But personally, it is so much deeper than that. For me, every meal represents a delightful beginning to something great to look forward to. A palatable journey both in gastronomical way and in reality.

In every good beginning I always believe that there will always be a happy ending. Yes, this is a two-part blog post. Banapple does not only offer delectable meals, because maybe, they also believe in sweet endings. Join me on my next post as I give you my list of my favorite cheesecakes and pies from Banapple, and some stories about happy endings.

As with my friend, he is on his way to recovery, celebrating new beginning instead of grieving for a sad ending.

Banapple Branches:

225 & 206 Katipunan Ave,
Blue Ridge, Quezon City

Northeast Square
47 Connecticut St
Northeast Greenhills,
San Juan City
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle
Makati City

2/L Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato
Quezon City

Banapple is open everyday
7:30AM to 11:30PM

You can contact them at

(02) 439-2675 [Katipunan 1]
(02) 413-2675 [Tomas Morato]
(02) 438-2675 [Katipunan Too]
(02) 756-2675 [Ayala Triangle]
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  1. one of my favorite posts... very inspiring... thanks so much for sharing this, yeds... :D

  2. you are most welcome Glenn :) You probably have an idea who is the friend I am talking about ;) I hope to dine with you soon again at Banapple :)


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