Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test

August 22, 2011
This is the third and last post for my Yeah! Delicious Monday Good News, a three-part series of my attempt to combat the usual Monday blues by sharing good news to my readers. 

Without much further blabbing here’s

Yeah! Delicious Monday Good News # 3!

Now, this is one ultimate good news. Why? Because it’s all about Anton’s Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brews’ upcoming event…

Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test 6.0
Be a Food Critic for a day!
Rockwell Tent
September 3, 2011, Saturday, 11.00 am - 9.00 pm.

50+ home based food businesses along with Rockwell Power Plant’s own restaurants will give food lovers a chance to experience being a food critic for a day by sampling different kinds of foods. 

This much anticipated annual food trip by food blog pioneer, Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is already on its 6th year, and it’ll be the first time to partner with Rockwell.

Tickets are available at the Power Plant Mall Office (Tel. # 8981702) during mall hours or Creative Juice Office (Tel. # 5707827) during office hours.

For more info about the event, please check out Anton's awesome blog.

I am so excited for this! See you all there!

So there you go, 3 Yeah! Delicious Monday Good News! Thank you for sharing this day with me. I hope somehow it brings sunshine to the rather gloomy Monday some of us have.  I guess we will be looking forward for more great Mondays to come instead of just sulking and wishing that the weekdays are over. Great week ahead beautiful people!

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9 comments on "Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test"
  1. Sounds interestingly good Yedy! :) sayang I won't be in Manila on sep3.

  2. Can't wait for this. See you there! :)

    Btw, love your blog!


  3. @Kat - sayang, this event is not to be missed :( anyway, just enjoy your trip and hope to see you soon :)
    @jill - Hi Jill! thanks! I love your blog, i'm trying to figure out pa how can I leave comments sa tumblr account ;) see you on sept. 3 :)

  4. OK, I can't believe I haven't heard about this, and I'm a foodblogger (sort of) lol. I'M THERE!

  5. I would love to go! Kaya lang sabado pala waaaaa may work ako. Sana sa susunod gawin nilang sunday. hehehe!

  6. Hi marc! the good news about UTT is now all over the place! see you there! :) saw your blog and love it!

    @anney - events like this should not be missed! i hope you could attend :)

  7. THanks Yedy for this post! Appreciate it and see you on Saturday :)

  8. @Anton - I am so excited for this event! See you on Saturday Sir Anton! :)

    @paolomandingiado - see you on Saturday with other foodies Paolo! :)


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