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October 17, 2011
Let me start this post with a confession.  I eat like a man. 

Yesterday was my birthday and almost half of the text messages greetings I got reminded me of that fact. 

“To the lady who eats like a man, happy birthday! Delicious years ahead!” Most of the text messages sounded like that.  Most of them came from guy friends who once upon a time got their fair share of moments of defeat for having the guts to challenge me in some trivial eating contests. Philly Cheese Steak eating contest, to be specific.

If I am a different person, I may get offended, but I always take honor of the fact that I can beat most of my guy friends in an eating contest like it’s nobody’s business.   Case in point, most of their defeating moments happened at Charlie’s Grind & Grill.  Equipped with zest for challenges and a reliable appetite, I on the other hand always emerge triumphant gastronomically.

Charlie’s Philly Cheese Steaks may not be the most humungous available in the market, but they are huge nonetheless.  While I favor Black Angus USDA Select Grained Rib-eye (395 Php for Hungry size and 595 Php for Starving size) over grass-fed Batangas AAA Sirloin ( 320 Php Hungry size and 435 Php Starving Size ) because I find it more savory, both choices are good and satisfying.

Creamy and generous cheese sauce on a bed of shredded unapologetically savory meaty Black Angus steak sauteed in onions and green bell pepper gloriously nestled on soft and fluffy bread.  I love that the beef are well seasoned therefore, bursting with flavor. It comes with hot sauce and jalapeno for a goof measure of added spunk.

I don’t have problem with some of the beef oil penetrating the morsels of the bread because I appreciate that it makes the rather bland taste of the bread more flavorful but not overwhelming.

The Hungry size is good enough for sharing, but if you’re big on cheese steaks like I am, their Starving size is a good choice.  Their Starving size is what made me bagged the title “a lady who eats like a man” among my guy friends, so, whether there’s competition or not, that baby always keeps me company whenever I pay visit to the joint.

With Philly Cheese Steaks like the one they serve at Charlie's Grind & Grill, how can I NOT eat like a man, eh?

Charlie’s Grind & Grill
#16 East Capitol,
Baranggay Kapitolyo
Pasig City

G/F RONAC Bldg.,
Ortigas Ave., cor Santolan

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