SweetLeaf's Triple Chocolate Chip Mint Soft Batch Cookies

December 16, 2011

If you are into cookies, chocolates, mints, and all that sort of mind-blowing things and still have not tasted SweetLeaf’s Soft Batch Cookies yet, you are probably missing half of your life.

Trust me.  I’ve missed mine.

But I regained it quickly.

When Spanky Enriquez, one of my foodie friends posted a photo and raved about how good SweetLeaf’s Triple Chocolate Chip Mint Soft Batch Cookies are, the very first thing I did was grabbed my phone and placed an order at SweetLeaf

This season is the busiest time of the year for me that even a little tweak on my schedule is next to impossibility. But the thought of soft batch cookies with chocolate and mint is one of those that I couldn’t bend my conscience quite enough to ignore.

Soft cookies.  Chocolate. Mint.

I am only human.

And a good one at that.

So, I immediately set a meet up with Celina De Guzman, one of the owners of SweetLeaf to grab myself some of their Soft Batch Cookies.

The meet up was scheduled on a Monday noon time.  Traffic was heavy, weather wasn’t very cooperative, my hair took an unruly life of its own, and I was exhausted from going to different place to another in a span of just 4 hours since I woke up. 

I was half paranoid that Celina might have a second thought selling me her cookies if she saw me all sweaty, worn down, and looking like I couldn’t even buy myself a decent hair brush.

Luckily, she handed me my order with all smile.  Celina, well, she’s kind of really good looking young lady.
I was THIS close to asking her, 

Okay girlfriend, seriously, you bake? I mean, It’s been a while since I last baked because it’s pilling up on my pounds without a mercy and it’s messing up my heaven-forsaken metabolism. But you! You gorgeous slender good looking young lady actually bake ??? AND YOU MANAGE TO LOOK AS ADORABLE AS YOUR COOKIES??? HOW CAN LIFE BE SO UNFAIR???? GIVE ME MY COOKIES!!!!!!

Okay, I only imagined that.

But trust me; Celina is one talented young lady who can rock the cookie world like it’s nobody’s business.  And I assume her sister and business partner leans on the same spectrum.

So, after paying and having a little chat, I was almost ready to move on to my next itinerary.

But the smell of the cookies wafting and rocking my nasal faculties was alarmingly intoxicating it weakened my knees.

So I called it a day, went home, and let myself get lost in a wonderful world of good books, warm milk, and the soft batch cookies I purchased.

I was curious more than anything else with the Triple Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies so that’s the first one I tried.  After one bite, HAIL THE MOTHER OF ALL CHOCOLATE MINT COOKIES OUT THERE!!! Woot woot!!!  HA! Gotcha!

No, I am not exaggerating my dear friends, because SweetLeaf’s Triple Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies are THE BOMB! 

Uh huh! THE. BOMB.
It was the only one that has chocolate dough among the cookies that I have ordered so naturally, it stood out from the get go.

It was delicious to a fault.  I love the contrasting rich flavor of chocolate with the sharp minty component of Andes Mint Chocolates that graces each cookie.

It has just the right level of softness and chewiness that doesn’t tire nor annoy my jaw line while munching on it.

And the smell, oh my goodness the smell! Heavenly. For only 120 Php / half dozen and 200 Php / one dozen, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

Given the right and very much deserving support from the International League of Cookies, ( okay, is there such a thing?) it has the possibility to put Keebler out of business.

Possibility.  Okay?  Don’t send me hate mails you Keebler’s fanatics!

I've come in peace.

I’ve also tasted other flavors of SweetLeaf’s Soft  Batch Cookies, and they were all…
Okay I may have to save that for my other posts.  I’ll be dishing out my thoughts on their classic chocolate chips, dark chocolate strawberry, and the wasabi white chocolate chunk soft batch cookies.

So come back here to check on my new posts, okay?

Meanwhile, for orders and more details you can check out Sweetleaf Soft Batch Cookies' Facebook page and Twitter account or you may contact them at phone numbers 0922-8535444 / 9228535999.


8 comments on "SweetLeaf's Triple Chocolate Chip Mint Soft Batch Cookies"
  1. That's it, I'm ordering a dozen...no, make that two dozen!

  2. I love to cook...I plan to study at Asian School of Hospitality Arts soon, sister school of CCA Manila..

  3. Hi Yedy, you are so right on this one, picked up my orders and I'm going through a dozen cookies like crazy, it's really good!

  4. @Kitten - Hi Kitten, it tastes yummy too! :)

  5. @[pinkc00kies] - haha! you should try it dear! :)

  6. @the food dude - i'm glad to get to enjoy it as well :)


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