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Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss

Monday, January 02, 2012

If Moshi Koshi along Shaw Blvd. is the Noodle Boss, I am willing to be a noodle slave.

This new Japanese Diner which specializes in fresh noodles is a new player in the field that foodies and non foodies alike should not be missed. For those who have penchant for noodles, you may find a new favorite in Moshi Koshi.

Personally, I am not big when it comes to noodles. Rarely do I find a restaurant which noodles suits to my liking, hence, I rarely post a review or feature anything about it. But Moshi Koshi is impressive enough for me to rave about it. After being invited to check out what they can offer, I became a convert.
My visit one afternoon at their place isn’t only enjoyable but educational as well. I never thought that there are certain guidelines to follow in order for one to achieve a maximum satisfaction in eating noodles.

Koshi is that sweet state of a noodle that is tender and chewy, firm but not hard, with resistance to the bite. People, especially Japanese who are passionate about authentic noodles are always after for that specific state of their noodles. At Moshi Koshi, to ensure that they do serve koshi noodles, they make them fresh every day at their in-store sanitized noodle room and cooked with the use of state-of-the-art noodle cooker straight from Japan.

Shio or salt-based broth is known to be the most simple and unpretentious of all the broth that can be added to a ramen noodles.  Despite its simplicity, the freshly made ramen noodles and the butter corn made all the difference.  The koshi state of the noodles was further highlighted by the salty sweet push and pull of flavors and the playful textures of other ingredients such as the corn, fish cake, and bamboo shoot.
Shio Butter Corn Ramen (195 Php)

It was a challenge for me at first because I am not a fan of udon noodles perhaps because of past experience, but Moshi Koshi has its own way of making me feel that it’s like tasting everything for the first time.  The thick udon was firm and very filling.  While I love its noodles, its broth which made me loved it all the more.  Its distinct flavor goes perfectly well with the slices of beef that were tender and savory.
Niku Udon (160 Php)

I was still taking photos of the food when the very friendly food attendant reminded me that the koshi state of the noodles can last for about 6 to 8 minutes only that is why we were encouraged to consume it immediately as fast as we can. Yes, you can slurp your noodles away and you wouldn’t get a questioning look because they even encourage it. Big portion of servings were very apparent. For me, it even looks like a serving can be for sharing.

While they specialize in noodles, Moshi Koshi also offers donburi, bento box, and other sidings among many others. I have tried their Kani Salad and Potato Salad which were equally tasty and satisfying.
Kani Salad (80 Php) and Potato Salad (45 Php)

My friend Ceej who I was with during my visit is crazy about Katsudon. While he favored Sumo Sam’s katsudon, Moshi Koshi’s is at par in terms of taste and servings. I was able to try the Katsudon myself and decided that it has gained the top spot on my list.
Katsudon (170 Php)

Their Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box comes with 4 special sidings, rice and miso soup. I don’t really much care about the others except for the sidings which for me tasted like chicken salad. The chicken teriyaki was a tad bit sweet for my taste, but presentation-wise, it was one good looking bento box.
Chicken Teriyaki Bento (220 Php)
After the meals we were served with their homemade green tea and coffee ice cream. There’s only one green tea ice cream that appreciate by far, and that is the one they serve at Sachi. Thankfully, Moshi Koshi green tea ice cream was equally good that it gave me another option whenever the mean green tea ice cream cravings hit me. The coffee ice cream was equally worth raving about. It isn’t too sweet nor too bitter for its flavor, just the right combination of everything. I love its simplicity in terms of packaging, because once you tasted these ice creams, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Oh the element of surprise.
Green Tea Ice Homemade Ice Cream (55 Php)
Coffee Homemade Ice Cream (55 Php)
We arrived at the restaurant around 11 in the morning and there were no single customer in sight, but minutes before lunch time, the place was packed with people wanting to have their share of freshly cooked noodles, when we left the diner, there are still some people waiting to be seated. Considering that they are just new in the area, the acceptance of mass is really impressive. But what is more noteworthy is the authenticity of the food that they serve.
The place leans on the modern minimalist side of the spectrum. Since they made their own noodles every day, sanitation not just of the noodle room but of the entire place is one their priority. The accommodating food attendants were obviously knowledgeable about the food that they serve considering I throw in several questions about the dishes.
Tere and Anton of

I rarely encounter a foodie place in which my urge to pay a visit again is that strong, Koshi Moshi is definitely one of them. With the noodles and other food they serve, you wouldn’t go wrong bringing a friend who isn’t really fond of noodles, because trust me, they will love Moshi Koshi.

Moshi Koshi

#431 Shaw Blvd., cor. Ideal St. Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
contact no.: +63272-MOSHI/ +632726-0575
website: / facebook page

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  1. I'll be trying Moshi Koshi this year for sure! :) I love Japanese dishes, especially an authentic bowl of ramen. Btw, happy 2012!


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