Exciting New Drinks at Serenitea

January 30, 2013

During the time when milk tea craze was just starting to hit our country by storm, there's only one brand that I would always go to when milk tea craving hits me, Serenitea.  I am not sure about the history but I would like to believe that it was Serenitea that started such craze that people heed to up to this day.  After all, it was Serenitea that started MY addiction to milk teas.

Recently, I was invited ( shout out to my foodie friend frannywanny!) to try exciting new drinks which will be launched by Serenitea come the end of February 2013.  Although they are known to dish out impressive lines of milk tea variants, Serenitea still keeps on coming up with new flavors to satisfy their customers. No wonder that they are still on top of their game up to this day!

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
The night of what I deemed as a taste test at Serenitea San Juan Branch turned out to be a milk tea party, much to my heart's delight.  We were served with six variants of new drinks to try and some delicious Serenitea snacks to much on while we're at it.

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
New Drinks at Serenitea:

Tropical Yakult
Downright refreshing with citrusy flavor that tickles the palate, Serenitea's Tropical Yakult is the type of drink that I would love to enjoy especially during hot days.  It has the spunk of sourness in its taste tempered with the distinct flavor of Yakult.

Lychee Yakult
A tad sweeter and milder as compare to the tropical variant, Lychee Yakult boasts of the distinct taste of lychee that allows the flavor of Yakult shines through without overpowering the flavor of the entire deal.

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
Chaffe's Milk Tea ~
While I am crazy about milk teas, my deep affinity for coffee is still ever present. That is why I am happy that Serenitea have come up with a drink that is combination of both.  Chaffe's Milk Tea is the marriage of robust flavor of coffee and the earthy taste of tea made all the more palatable by the addition of milk that gives the deal its creamy taste.  

Cookies & Cream Milk Tea ~
I have been disappointed countless of times by numbers of milk tea places offering cookies and cream drink variants.  Cookies and cream for me is sacred, it's always been a beautiful combination it's a sin to execute it in any form that would exude cheap taste in any form.  Now, dare I say that Serenitea's Cookies and Cream Milk Tea is one of the best cookies and cream drinks that anyone should not miss it.  Peppered with generous amount of crushed cookies, one notable thing that I love about this variant is the use of real cream on it.  

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
Cocoa Green Tea Frost ~
If we are connected in Facebook, you probably know by now how I adore matcha drinks.  Also, it's not a secret that there's this cocoa with cheese drink I have been crazy about. There are two stores that I frequent to for my matcha drink and cocoa drinks.  It's an expensive addiction because most of the time, I need to have these two in order for me to function properly. Luckily, Serenitea have come up with one drink that will definitely satisfy my cravings for matcha and cocoa in one go.  Of all the drinks we have tried that night, this is definitely an instant favorite.

Chocolate Pudding Milk Tea ~
Now, for those who are crazy about Serenitea's Okinawa Milk Tea, their Chocolate Pudding Milk Tea is surely one of those new drinks you wouldn't want to miss.  It's a combination of Okinawa variant with chocolate pudding. Simple, straightforward, and really satisfying.

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
I really cannot wait for these new drinks to be available at all Serenitea's stores.  And I cannot wait for you my dear readers to try their new drinks as well.  I am sure I'll be frequenting Serenitea more than before since I have this nagging feeling that I'll be addicted to these new babies particularly the Cocoa Green Tea Frost. I am excited and I know you are too, so, once these drinks are out, let me know what you think about it and let's talk about our favorites.

Serenitea New Drinks Blog Review
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