McDonald's Cookie Butter McFlurry and Salted Caramel Sundae

October 28, 2013
I may not be one of those who went crazy over cookie butter since it hit Manila shore but I have to admit that I do enjoy the treat once in a while. So when McDonald's Philippines released Cookie Butter McFlurry as part of their Holiday Sweet Pleasures Desserts line up, I thought that I should try it one of these days, and I did.

I am currently residing at the mountain where it is perpetually cold most of the time, but we do have some hot days in here too. Today is one of those days so, to the nearest McDonald's I dragged my siblings. I deemed that it was the perfect time to try Cookie Butter McFlurry and the Salted Caramel Sundae.

McDonald's Salted Caramel Sunday and Cookie Butter McFlurry
Desserts options at McDonald's may not be extensive just like most fast food chains, but I must say that although limited, their line up I always find pleasurable. Their apple pie for instance, remained to be one of my favorites. Their creativity in terms of coming up with variety of flavors for their sundae and McFlurry, on the other hand remained pretty impressive. So it was half expected that they'll jump into the bandwagon that is cookie butter.

McDonald's Holiday Sweet Treats
Just like most of their McFlurry, Cookie Butter McFlurry uses vanilla soft serve ice cream as its base. Generous cookie butter is then incorporated to the mix to give it the distinct taste every cookie butter-loving person would appreciate.

McDonald's Cookie Butter McFlurry Delicious Image
Personally, I liked it. The intense taste of the spiced cookie lends a remarkable flavor to an otherwise bland taste of the soft served ice cream. The flavor is not the only thing that it elevates, the aroma is noteworthy as well.

Enticing Photos of Cookie Butter McFlurry at McDonalds
McDonald's Cookie Butter McFlurry Top View Photo. Extremely Enticing!
There is a subtle hint of caramel but I am not sure if they drizzled a bit onto the mix, but despite the added flavor, the cookie butter taste isn't overshadowed. Prized at Php45, Cookie Butter McFlurry is an enjoyable treat especially for those who has deep affinity for the spiced cookie.

Crushed cookie butter, caramel, and vanilla sundae.
If you have tasted McDonald's Caramel Sundae liked it, you will probably love the Salted Caramel variant as well. Especially if you want a more depth of flavor in your caramel syrup, this one might be a winner in your book.

McDonald's Vanilla Sundae Topped with Salted Caramel
Personally I found it a bit on the sweeter side of the spectrum. The depth in flavor was expected, but the sweetness level was further elevated that I wondered why is it called "salted" anyway. But still, it's good. I also tried the Merry Berry McFlurry but I don't really care much about its taste. I am not big on fruity sour flavor, but my sister wiped hers in no time.

Salted Caramel on top of a Vanilla Sundae!
I was told that McDonald's Cookie Butter McFlurry and Salted Caramel Sundae are up for limited time only so I suggest that if you dig cookie butter and/or salted caramel, then it's time you should try it.

For more information about McDonald's Philippines new products, you may visit their website and Facebook page.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words nuLL' and more power to your blog!


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