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Meat Feast at Outback Steakhouse Philippines

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Way back when I wasn't food blogging yet, Outback Steakhouse was my comfort place when ill bouts of cravings for manly slab of steak and decent rounds of Long Island iced tea hit me. Their Libis branch was the place I usually frequent to because of its proximity to where I used to work and reside. Fast forward to food blogging days, Outback Steakhouse is still an all-time favorite. Although this time, their recently renovated branch in Glorietta 4 Makati is the usual suspect for a chosen spot.

There are a lot of restaurants in Manila that serve good steaks, I am aware of that. But Outback Steakhouse has a special spot in my heart because first, they serve good steak so sexy it will put Adam Levine to shame, and second, their Long Island iced tea is my soulmate. True story.

Each visit at Outback Steakhouse calls for a meat feast coupled with cocktail drinks that further elevates the dining experience. Each visit yields an exceptional experience in terms of food quality and service, something I have always expected from a restaurant that is an all-time favorite.

A visit at Outback would not be complete without their signature complimentary bread, The Bushman Bread. Always served freshly baked. This piece of heaven on a wooden board is made with wheat and honey hence, the innate sweetness is always apparent but not overwhelmingly so. It goes perfectly well with a dab of butter or you may dip it with their impressively flavorful Cream of Onion Soup.

Although there are variety of choices for appetizers, there are two which Outback Steakhouse is famous for; Kookaburra Wings and Typhoon Bloom.

Crisp skin and savory meat which tenderness is equally remarkable may be the reasons why Kookaburra Wings (Php279/half, Php469/full) is the crowd's favorite. But personally, it's the distinct spunk of secret spices coating the chicken wings combined with the Danish bleu cheese that it is serve with that made this dish dear to me.

Typhoon Bloom (Php329) on the other hand is an impressive cyclone of crisp fried onion rings intertwined to create a dome of delicious perfection. It usually comes with special dipping sauce which suggests mayo, mustard, tartare sauce flavor all at once, really good and not entirely weird.

Thin crust pizza lovers like me is in for a treat with Outback's Flatbread Pizza (php299). Generously topped with cubes of grilled chicken, cheese, and some spices, this flatbread can be a meal on its own but it can also be a good meal starter. It does possess a spunky kick of chili but it is something that even someone who has an aversion for anything spicy like me could handle.

Dining at Outback may mean a feast of meat, but that does not discount the fact that seafood fares are not equally satisfying. One may go the healthy route and still enjoy it. Their Ahi Tuna Chopped Salad (Php499) is one good example of such dish. Seared ahi tuna sitting on top of fresh greens, it goes perfectly well with the wasabi vinaigrette that comes with it. Imagine eating sashimi and salad in one go, blissful eating without the guilt.

The Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad (Php499) is another guiltless dish I love devouring at Outback. The lightly battered crisp shrimps smothered with Asian dressing are meant to be mixed with heart of Romaine lettuce drizzled with balsamic vinegar and cheese. The combination of the distinct fresh flavor of the shrimp and the Asian flair on the flavor is a perfect marriage meant to be enjoyed.

Now, on to the meat. Outback Steakhouse wouldn't be called steakhouse, and a good one at that, for nothing. They do serve different cuts of steaks and other manly meats to boot. If you are in for a feast of meats, Outback is the place to be (yes, not the now defunct Cindy's).

10oz thick cut piece of New York strip coated with pepper corn and flame grilled, Outback Steakhouse's Grilled Peppercorn Steak (Php1,199) is one manly meat perfect for those who love the extra heat and spunk on their meat.

Combination of herb and meat is always a winner in my book, hence Herb Crusted Prime Rib (Php1,499) is an instant favorite when it was added on their menu recently. Note however that this secret herbs and spices covered meat is only available during dinner since the roasting takes 4 to 6 hours. Slow roasted slab of meat smothered with herbs and spices, need I say more?

Thick cut of grilled beef fillet may sound or even look simple, but Victoria Fillet (Php599) has a distinct taste that suggests a good quality of meat used. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side, this lean meat may not be a heaven for fatty meat afficionados but it doe not mean that it's not a good option when you're at Outback.

Another personal favorite is Outback's Teriyaki Style Beef Medallions (Php549). Big chunks of teriyaki marinated beef steak sandwiched between grilled vegetables in a skewer, it is technically a kebab dish only a million times way way better. The seasoned rice pilaf it is serve with is a perfect combination, but in all its meaty and savory goodness, it can even stand on its own.

Equally filling and a very able participant for a meat fest is Outback's BBQ Pork Ribs (Php549/half slab). Although it may not be the fall-off-the-bone kind of ribs, the tenderness is remarkable still. The flavor is a cross between savory and smoky with a little bit of sweetness thrown in the mix for a good measure.

One who is crazy about chicken, cheese, and bacon (read:me) will fall madly inlove with Outback's Alice Spring Chicken (Php599). This dish boasts of surprisingly moist chicken breast part topped with mushroom and bacon. Although it's downright good and flavorful on its own, the melted Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese on top further elevates the goodness of this chicken dish.

No typographical error here but another chicken dish well worth a try when you're at Outback is their Chicken Fried Chicken (P199). Redundant it is not. As a matter of fact it's a serious business that revolves around crisp fried chicken and a creamy gravy you can only find at Outback.

Outback Steakhouse also serves remarkable pasta dishes that are nowhere near your usual fare. Most of them comes with impressive combination that make it all the more flavorful and filling.

Breaded chicken breast fillet topped with marinara sauce, melted Swiss and parmesan cheese is what make Chicken Parmesan Pasta (Php299) special. It goes perfectly well with linguini in marinara sauce that tomato-based pasta loving folks will surely love it.

A tad lighter but equally satisfying pasta dish is Pan Seared Fish in Pesto Linguini (Php199). Garlic, pesto, and lemon butter sauce was a perfect combination of flavor. But what made this dish all the more flavorful is the lightly battered seared fish drizzled with pesto sauce and cheese.

It is not always easy to decide on what dessert to go for especially when you're already clouded with the meat feast that was. In such scenario, it always a wise option to stick with Outback's Dessert Sampler Trio (php475). This sampler is a combination of three delectable desserts; Banana Nut Cake (banana, toffee, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, and cinnamon), New York Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce, and  Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (freshly baked pecan brownie topped with rich vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings).

Outback Steakhouse is not just known for their good dishes but for their impressive lines of cocktails and important beverages as well. Believe me, there are numbers of drinks one may choose from and while I have lost count of some of the drinks which I have enjoyed, all these years, my choice of poison is and will always be their Long Island Iced Tea. Best. Cocktail. Drink. Ever. Bar none.

I could never recall a time when I did not enjoy a visit at Outback Steakhouse. Truth be told, I am a fan. The service is always prompt and welcoming, the food is always great, and the ambiance is always perfect for an awesome fun dining experience with friends and loved ones.

Outback Steakhouse (Libis - Makati -  Alabang)
G/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Ave. cor. Pasay Rd.
Ayala Center, makati
metro Manila
Contact No.: (02) 729-8458 to 59
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @GoOutbackPH

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