Top Picks at the 3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test 2013

October 02, 2013
One Saturday of September, 1000 foodies gathered to partake in the festive event that was the 3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test. It was the 11th servings of Manila's most anticipated food event, The Ultimate Taste Test headed by one of the famous food bloggers in Manila, Our Awesome Planet in cooperation with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

Ultimate Taste Test food event aims to showcase up and coming food businesses in Manila by sampling their products to a thousand of foodies playing as food critics for the day. 

Just like the previous UTT events, the 3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test follows the same drill. Food critics were given a passport where they could write down their score and feedback for the food businesses participating the event. I was able to drop by at the Rockwell Tent to wear my food critic hat, and although it was a quick visit, I was able to enjoy remarkable food and was able to collate my top picks as well.

Diplahan Lechon - I have always been a fan of this succulent porcine bliss which cooking technique rooted from the city of Zamboanga. I have been straightforward from the get go that it's one of the things I am looking forward to at UTT, and it never disappoint. 

Sizzling Sisig by Dennis The Grill Boy -  I have been to Dennis The Grill Boy at the Mall of Asia a number of times already because I am a fan of their Grilled Liempo. I even wrote about it on my article at because I firmly believe that they deserve to be on the top ten list. At the UTT, I learned that it wasn't just the grilled liempo I should be happy about since their Sizzling Sisig is equally delightful.

Plaza Premium Baked Ham - Sandwiched between piece of bread, I love the fact that the baked ham's flavor shines through in every bite. The product they chose to endorse that day was their hamwich but I wouldn't mind enjoying this sweet savory ham over a bowl of rice.

The Sultry Chef's Sultry Roast Beef - I have tasted this downright flavorful roast beef prior to UTT event and I must say that it's definitely one for the books. You cannot go wrong with its smoky and meaty goodness.

Flavors Avenue's Bagnet Paella - This is another dish which I have tried prior to attending UTT. I always find bagnet and paella irresistible, hence the combination was a surefire hit. It helped that it was well executed, otherwise it will be just one of those mediocre dishes not worthy of your calorie count.

Yuan's Original Chicken Wings - Chicken wings with crisp batter which sauce provides sweet, spicy, and tangy all at the same time in one deliriously good bite. I don't have nay reason not to love this dish.

Bad Decision Burger - I love the name. I love the booth set up. I love the beef patty. I love the buns. I just love this one bad ass burger. And yes, I will hunt them down one of these days.

Everyday Mom's Black and White Cupcake - First bite and I was floored! Cheesecake on a cupcake is such a genius combination. I've been visiting their branch in Tomas Morato area for the past few months to no avail since they close early, but for the love of these babies, I might drag myself along and have an entire box of this all by myself, without apology.

Bronuts - I love the name. It made me feel like it was a creation of How I Met your Mother's Barney Stinson. But clearly it wasn't. I tried the cream cheese and bacon variant and I find it lacking in flavor but the Belgian chocolate with salted caramel was good.

Live Greek Yogurt by Hacienda Macalauan -  I love Hacienda Macalauan. I've been buying their ricotta cheese in the market and I find it really good. Little did I know, they are also good when it comes to Greek yogurt. 

There are other things I would have loved to include on the list judging from the recommendations of my fellow Manila food bloggers who was there before I came. However, some of them run out of the products like the Generals Lechon. 

The event as expected was successful. Tickets were sold out early at the day itself. The event's host Spanky Enriquez was as always gracious and downright funny, not to mention energetic which made the event even more lively.

With my cousin The Hefty Foodie and one of my food partners in crime, The Hungry Giant.

I have been attending Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brew's The Ultimate Taste Test for years now and as always, it never fails to satisfy me as a foodie. Needless to say, just like most of us, I am looking forward to more delightful UTT events ahead.

Congratulations to The Ultimate Taste Test team! Soar high! 

For more information about the winners of The 3rd Ultimate Taste Test, visit Our Awesome Planet website and their Facebook page.

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