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Cinq Dessert Boutique along Jupiter St. in Makati City

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Along Jupiter St. in Makati City, a new French dessert place named Cinq Dessert Boutique opened its door to cater to dessert loving food enthusiasts. Desert places in Manila are aplenty but not all are well worth the calories, I must say. Bumping into ones that shook my world inside out is like finding a gold mine, well at least for me. Being introduce to Cinq Dessert Boutique is one of those happy moments of having gold at hand.

Cinq (pronounced as Sank) is a French word for “Five” that according to owner Angela Villoria Tolentino stands for the five basic ingredients namely flour, eggs, sugar, milk or cream, and butter which are all used in baking.

Weeks ago, we were invited to sample some of the delectable desserts they offer at Cinq Dessert Boutique. It was their soft opening during that time but this quaint dessert place was already gaining thumbs up to some of the foodies in Manila I consider the best.

I have to admit that when it comes to dessert, I am loyal to my favorite. But having Cinq Dessert Boutique around is a whole new different level of excitement. Because after having a taste of some of the heavenly desserts at Cinq, a new addition to the list of best dessert places in Manila was immediately added to my book.

LEXI - Strawberry
~ Cheesecake mousse with diced fruit, strawberry coulis, almond dacquoise.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know how I adore cheesecakes. Strawberry, I am not really a big fan. But  the combination of these two, executed beautifully by the talented Angel Villoria, sits well with me. It was not overly sweet nor too tarty, a fine balance was struck and from the looks down to the taste, everything was just lovely.

LEXI - Exotique
~ Cheesecake mousse with diced fruit, mango/passion fruit coulis, almond dacquiose.

This another variant of Lexi cheesecake mousse I found perfect for those who has affinity for citrusy desserts. Its refreshing taste was a treat to the palate that I found myself liking it better than the strawberry variant. 

~ Chocolate and orange mousse cake.

I was impressed by the way Cinq execute the cheese and citrus fruit combination, their take on chocolate and orange tandem however was just the bomb! The combination isn't really a new concept for me. Orange dipped in chocolate,I've had it even before and it didn't make a fan out of me. Until I tasted Cinq's Pascale. I guess it has something to do with the richness of the chocolate and the flavor of orange that flirted with my palate, I am not sure. What I am sure of is that Pascale should not be missed when visiting Cinq.

Monica~ Dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut crunch.

Now this one is definitely one of my favorites because seriously, hazelnut and chocolate? What's not to adore? It reminds me of the well-loved chocolate Ferrero Rocher only way way better.

~Chocolate tart with caramel and macadamia nuts. 

Just like Monica, Aurore was also one of my favorites. The macadamia nuts were delightful to the bite white the classic combination of caramel and chocolate was still and I guess will forever be a winner in my book.

~ Pecan tart.

Truth be told and heaven forbid me for having more than my fair share of this dessert but I am putting my name on the line here because seriously, Cinq's Louise is the best Pecan tart I've ever had by far! This almost ended my friendship with my cousin Hefty Foodie because he was equally impressed by this tart (and equally greedy for trying to finish everything despite my deadly stare). I could have this every day and I wouldn't complain, I promise.

A Dessert with No Name (or I just didn't catch it because I was too busy with my Pecan Tart. Shout out to Ms. Angela.)

I didn't got the chance to taste this dessert and I actually just took photo of this dessert which looks to me as some kind of a tart with pecan, pili, and hazelnuts. Looking at the photo by the time that I am writing this post I am wishing I kinda did because if the Pecan Tart blew me away, this would probably do the same thing. I searched online for its name but never found it.

~ Dayap Tart.

This dayap (Philippines lime) tart is one of those which Cinq is most proud of. I couldn't blame them since it was really worth bragging about. Using local is worth bragging for, I must say and this one is no exceptio. The innate sourness of the dayap was very apparent as it blends perfectly well with the creamy composure of the tart.

Two new desserts were still being developed during our visit, hence name wasn't decided on yet. These dome shaped mini cakes were both delightful. The pink one boasts of rose flavor while the other one is that of chocolate. I am not sure if they are already rolling these two new products but if they already are, then I should say these babies are well worth trying.

Aside from the pies, tarts, and cakes, Cinq also offers different pastries such as croissants, mini quiches, turnovers, cookies, and more. They also serve coffee and tea which can go well with your choice of desserts.

Jupiter St in Makati is always known for numbers of good restaurants anyone can enjoy. The addition of Cinq Dessert Boutique is a good news since what they offer are is something that exudes passion, creativity and love. It is not everyday that we bump into something delightfully indulging so I suggest that whether you have a sweet tooth or not, do drop by Cinq Dessert Boutique and try their impressive line of desserts, you won't regret it.

Cinq Dessert Boutique
G/F CEO Flats
Canopus Cor. Jupiter St.,
Makati City, Philippines
Contact No.: (+632) 890-0886
Facebook Page: Cinq Dessert Boutique

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