Vikings Megamall: Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant at SM Megamall

April 02, 2014
I think one of the best food related news I ever received this year by far is the opening of Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Megamall. Vikings Buffet is one of the few restaurants  my family would always get excited about. So it is always easy to drag them on a food trip if it is Vikings Buffet we are talking about.  

Vikings Buffet rates and promos are always enticing plus the fact that they do offer wide selection of International cuisine is an added points. Since they opened their first branch at SM MOA (Mall of Asia) they have further branched out and now has five branches and is still yet to add other branches soon.

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Prior to my visit at Vikings Buffet at SM Megamall, it was their branch at SM MOA which my family and I frequent to. Birthdays and other special occasions were held at Vikings Buffet especially when no one in our household are up for intense cooking in the kitchen. 

I will be writing about my Vikings MOA experiences here at YedyLicious but I will still sort out my photos since most of them comprised of personal photos with family (which I do not post here on my blog for privacy reasons) and just some snapshots which were mostly chaotic albeit happy scenes at Vikings. For now, let's focus on their newest branch, Vikings Buffet in Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall.


Beautiful Work of Art in The Ceiling of Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Their branch at SM Megamall is Vikings Buffet's fifth branch which can easily house 500+ guests and have them feast at over 200+ dishes. Each Vikings branches has a themed ambiance. Aptly located at the newly constructed posh SM Mega Fashion Hall, Vikings Sm Megamall theme revolves around art, hence stepping in feels like visiting an Art Museum.

Art Museum Theme at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The apparent display of artistic creations and designs proved that food isn't just the main focus of Vikings Buffet; they are also set to provide a luxurious albeit comfortable ambiance for their diners.

Spacious and Beautiful Interior at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Dining areas are divided into several different sections. Each sections features artistic flair and tempered sophistication that does not aim to intimidate. Its floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking Edsa provides a beautiful natural light that made the already spacious area all the more enticing to stay at. Tables and chairs, even the ceiling boasts and wall decorations scream art in your face without casting a shadow to the true star of Vikings Luxury Buffet, the food.

Art Museum feel at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The artistic theme of Vikings Buffet Sm Megamall aims to send a message to its diners that the aesthetic aura of the ambiance commensurate to the artistic work of art that every chef they have can paint on the diners' plate.

Tables and Chairs are also Artistically Decorated at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall


Appetizer section at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The buffet spread at SM Megamall branch is pretty much the same as that of SM MOA branch. Although some say that the variety at SM MOA is a tad plenty compare to Megamall, faced with over 200+ selections, I did not even noticed the difference save for the caviar selection.

Cold Cuts and Cheese Appetizers at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The appetizer section features variety of starters that ranges from mini bruschetta, deviled eggs, cold cuts, cheese platter, and more. Located also in this section are the variety of already made salad and some which diners can create on their own.

Selections of Appetizers at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Staying tru to their aim of providing quality and fresh ingredients, Vikings Buffet Megamall has a Pasta section that features freshly made pasta with the use of good quality pasta maker. Diners can choose from different variety of pasta and sauces while the chefs cook it in front of them.

make Your Own Pasta at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Alongside the pasta section they have the pizza section. Diners are also encourage to create their own pizza variants by choosing on the variety of toppings and pizza dough located in the section. Prepared pizzas are also available for those who wants to skip the personalized approached.

Fresh Pasta and Pizza at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Also right beside the pizza and pasta station is the bread section that features aesthetically pleasing and delectable artisan breads. I've tried several of these breads and they were all good but what I love the most were the walnut bread and the black bread.

Artisan Bread at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The grilling station features variety of seafood from oyster to mussels to different kinds of fishes. Diners may choose whatever they want to eat and the chefs will gladly grill the food for them then deliver it to their table.

Grilling Section at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Checking out the grilling station, I spotted fresh looking squid, salmon, and whole fish of varying kinds. These goodies were placed over iced on the rack to ensure freshness and quality.

Fresh Meats at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Fresh Fish for Grilling at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Of course, the proverbial sushi section is also ever present, enticing sushi-loving diners to indulge and eat everything they can and just have an awesome time.

Sushi Station at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Vikings is known to dish out beautifully hand crafter sushi, sashimi,maki, rolls, etc. which mostly every diner loves. I myself is a fan, so were my parents who I was with during the visit.

Rolls and Maki at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

We practically tasted everything and none of it turned out to be a disappointment. Indulging on these goodies, I think, are good enough to get the bang out of the bucks you are spending at Vikings.

Sushi at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Personalized food sections does not just end at the pasta and pizza booth. Vikings Buffet also features make-you-own shabu shabu section, mongolian section, and sukiyaki among many others.

Make Your Own Shabu-Shabu, Hot Pot, Sukiyaki, Mongolian at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The carving station features variety of meat. There are lamb, turkey, angus beef, and the Vikings Boneless Lechon which you should not miss when dining at Vikings.

Boneless Lechon And Angus Beef at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Alongside these meats were grilled vegetables and variety of different sauces that go perfectly well with your choice of meat. I specifically like the boneless lechon paired with some veggies and truffle sauce.

Meat Carving Station at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

There's also a section wherein Chef's choices were showcased. This is definitely one of my favorite sections because these dishes were the pride of Viking's chefs. These also are the dishes that you would want to have with heaping bowl of hot rice. 

Different Dishes at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

I specifically enjoyed the Kare-Kareng Crispy Pata, Chicken Annato in Adobo Reduction and Salted Egg Relish, Davao Style Humba, and Lechon Sisig.

Delicious Dishes at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The famous Chinese and Korean sections are also ever present and mostly crowded, I noticed. The mantao with condensed milk according to my mom were good, while my dad enjoyed his Korean chapchae and galbi chim were equally delightful.

Chinese and Korean Dishes at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The dessert station has variety of cakes. I must say that one of the many reasons why I love Vikings is that they are also good with their desserts. Some buffets I have been to (Expect those hotel buffets, of course) have the tendency to focus more on the food and neglect their choices of desserts. When it comes to desserts, Vikings is taking it seriously.

Dessert Station at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Variety of cakes, fruits, and chocolate fountains are all present. They also have specific section of Filipino desserts which I noticed often get consumed first. They also have a frozen yogurt machine, and crepe station.

Chocolate Fountain and Pinoy Desserts Station at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Another thing that is worthy to be praised at Vikings Buffet is their selections of drinks. They have variety of options ranging from coffee, tea (Twinings and Harney & Sons), sodas fruit juices, milk and chocolate shakes, and more. All these are included on the buffet rate but if diners would like to indulge on their selections of wine, they can do so with added price on top of the rate.

UPDATE: as of May 2014

Vikings SM Megamall now boasts of D.I.Y. Bubble Milk Tea available at their bar only during dinner service.

Drinks Stations at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall


The recurring theme of my appetizer plate in every buffet I went to is always always a feast of sushi, sashimi, maki. This is the most decent looking appetizer plate I got, and I tell you I tasted almost everything on their selection but the succeeding plate were chaotic, hence let's just settle with this beauty.

My Appetizer Plate at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

I was dead set on creating my own pasta concoction but when I tasted the Truffle and Cheese Penne Pasta as recommended by Viking's Marketing Raquel Bartolome, I forgot my goal and stick with the goodness of this already prepared pasta. Perfect combination to this pasta were the black bread and the walnut bread while the croissants were also equally good.

Bread and pasta Plate at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The Chef's Choices section I previously mentioned was one of the section that my parents and I visited more than once. This plate features all the dishes I loved in that sectione. The Kare-kare was the bomb, the lechon sisig played the second close, I tell you!

Different Viands Plate at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

I also tried the create your own mongolian plate. I concocted all types of seafood plus some bean sprouts, white onions, and bell pepper, among other veggies and chose the Vikings sauce which leans on the savory-sweet side. There also other sauces to choose from but I found my choices really great together.

Mongolian Plate at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Of all the meat we I have tried the Vikings' Boneless lechon and the Angus beef ended up as my favorites. I added some steamed veggies I found on the Chinese section and some roasted garlic to cut through the richness of the meat. The truffle sauce was divine.

Meat Plate at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The sukiyaki pot was too enticing not to notice so I ordered one for our group. My mother enjoyed the "cooking in your own table style" because I supposed all mothers are like that, I am not sure. But I like the interactive approach of it as well.

Sukiyaki at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

The sukiyaki broth which my father found to be too sweet for his liking was just perfect for me. I love the combination of vegetables and the thinly sliced beef. It was a comforting dish, something I would crave for during cold days.

Sukiyaki Bowl at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

I was so full by the time that we are nearing the dessert but one should leave a room for it otherwise it wouldn't be a complete buffet experience. I had the mango soya cake, two kinds of cheesecakes, profiteroles, and chocolate truffle. The desserts went perfectly well with my Harney and Sons English Breakfast Tea. My parents preferred the Twinings tea variant on the other hand.

Desserts and Tea at Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Talented chef Adams, one of the pride of Vikings SM Megamall and the very nice and charming Raquel Bartolome of Vikings Marketing were thoughtful and kind enough to prepare death by chocolate cake for our dessert. Vikings thoughtful gesture to their diners is also one of the things I love about them. 

Chef Adam and Raquel Bartolome of Vikings Buffet

With the goal of providing impeccable service to the diners, Vikings Buffet encourage everyone to provide feedback regarding their experience. 

Feedback for Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

I could not stressed enough how I enjoyed my very first Vikings Buffet at Sm Megamall experience. The food as always were bountiful and everything I have tried was delicious. The service was thoughtful and accommodating, while the ambiance was just perfect. I am really happy that Vikings decided to open a branch at Megamall since I think it is very accessible for someone like me whose usual route is around Ortigas-Pasig-Mandaluyong. 

Vikings Buffet Rate, Prices, Promos, Operating Hours

I am still set to write about my Vikings SM MOA experience one of these days and I am hoping to visit their branch in SM Marikina as well soon because that is near to where I reside and I was told that it has a homey ambiance which I might love. 

Pardon if I sound so excited with this blog post because Vikings is really one of those restaurants which I always have a great experience at. Most of the people I know share the same thoughts with me regarding Vikings, that is why it didn't surprised me that Vikings Luxury Buffet was nominated and awarded at the recently concluded 17th Outstanding Filipino Retailers and Shopping Centers by the Philippine Retailers Associated last March 19, 2014. Vikings Buffet really deserve such award and I am crossing my fingers that there will be more to come.

Facade of Vikings Buffet SM Megamall

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Megamall
4th flr. Mega Fashion Hall

Bldg. D, SM Megamall

Julia Vargas cor. EDSA,

Mandaluyong City

(information based on what is posted at their SM Megamall branch. Prices are inclusive of Government Taxes and are subject to 5% Service Charge. Subject to change.)

Weekday Lunch

Kids below 3ft   (Free)                            

Kids between 3ft to 4ft. (Php 188+)
Kids between 4ft to 4ft 6" (Php 388+)
Adults ( Php 688+)
75y/o and above (50% special discount)

Weekday Dinner

Kids below 3ft   (Free)                            
Kids between 3ft to 4ft. (Php 288+)
Kids between 4ft to 4ft 6" (Php 588+)
Adults ( Php 888+)
75y/o and above (50% special discount)

Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner 

Kids below 3ft   (Free)                            
Kids between 3ft to 4ft. (Php 388+)
Kids between 4ft to 4ft 6" (Php 688+)
Adults ( Php 1088+)
75y/o and above (50% special discount)

BUFFET RATE UPDATE ( as of May 2014)

Vikings Weekend and Holiday Price Change! Php 888 + 5% service charge

This price change is available only at Vikings SM Megamall, SM Marikina, and SM North Edsa.

Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm to 10pm

For list of other Vikings Luxury Buffet branches, promos, and other inquiries, visit their website at            

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