Kulinarya Kitchen at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Makati

August 12, 2014
Truth be told, I think one of the most underrated restaurants that we have here in Manila is Kulinarya Kitchen. Their first branch located at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati have been in the business for almost a decade now serving high quality fusion of European and Asian dishes. I deem that it is not the kind of restaurant that creates noise to be noticed. Rightly so, since any restaurant that can create impressive dishes like theirs could have the confidence to have the staying power even without much fuss. After all, they wouldn't be in the business that long for nothing.

Kulinarya Kitchen Power Plant mall Rockwell Center Makati City. Kulinarya Kitchen Menu, Price, Contact No, Website
I had been to Kulinarya Kitchen several times already since I was first introduced to it. I should have published my first blog post about Kulinarya way way back but it was only recently that I discovered that the post had been sitting on my draft folder for what seemed like forever, much to my dismay. Usual blog auto-post fail, but I digress. I already updated the information here, allow me catch up.

Black chandeliers and framed art works are some of the things instantly noticeable at Kulinarya Kitchen Rockwell branch. Yet, despite its classy modern interior this restaurant is anything but snobbish. The service is warm and welcoming while the food is comforting.

Hot Cheese and Chorizo Dip (Php395) ~ Bubbling mozzarella cheese and smoky chorizo dip. Served with pulled roast beef, nachos, warm flat bread, and fresh salsa.
This is my default appetizer whenever I visit Kulinarya Kitchen. I am not a big fan of chorizo but its flavor is perfect accompaniment to the creaminess of the cheese, so I am cool with it. The pulled roast beef is a thoughtful addition that elevates the experience from just eating chips/bread and dip into something more special.

Hot Cheese and Chorizo Dip
Garlic Shrimps and Pancetta Salad (Php250/solo, Php480/sharing) ~ Fresh tail-on shrimps sauteed in butter, olive oil, and garlic with a hint of spice, herbs, and lemon. Served with a mesclun of salad greens, tomatoes, and pancetta. Drizzled with mustard celery seed dressing and balsamic glaze.

This salad could be a meal on its own especially for those who are trying to cut back on calories. I appreciate that the shrimps are served on the side making it more of a start ingredients rather than a mere toppings to the salad. 

Garlic Shrimps and Pancetta Salad
Wafu Steak Pasta (Php260)~ Spaghetti sauteed in garlic sesame soy reduction with a hint of chili topped with yakiniku style beef cubes, shitake mushrooms, onion leeks, and nori strips.

Steak on a pasta, what's not to love? This manly pasta dish in generous serving portion boasts of savory flavor that comes from the beef and all the other ingredients mixed together. 

Wafu Steak Pasta
Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli (Php350) ~ Ravioli stuffed with fresh mushroom ragout and ricotta cheese in truffle cream sauce and brown butter. Topped with parmesan cheese and chopped tomatoes and basil.

By far one of the best ravioli dish I have ever tried. It's light and hearty all at the same time. The truffle essence brought about by the cream sauce may not be as apparent as I had hoped but the freshness of the pasta and the overall flavor of this dish are what made it win me over.

Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli
Surf and Turf Family Platter (Php995) ~ A platter of fork tender roast beef with red wine sauce and baked shrimps thermidor casserole.

This hefty platter is perfect for a group of 3 to 4 persons with average appetite - or one hungry me. While the roast beef was downright impressive it all its tenderness glory, it was the baked shrimp thermidor casserole that made me fell for it hard. Its creaminess goes well with the distinct flavor of the shrimp that it could be perfect when paired with rice or even bread.

Surf and Turf Family Platter
Roast Beef
The Surf and Turf Family Platter comes with 4 different side dishes. In photos are Mushroom Risotto, Homemade French Fries, Cheesy Potatoes, and Spanish Rice. Among the four, it was the Cheesy Potatoes that I find really satisfying in terms of flavor and serving portion. Other side dishes options include Rustic Mashed Potatoes, Parsley Butter Rice, Indian Rice, Steamed Rice, Sesame Noodles, and Butter Carrots with Corn.

Side Dishes
Seafood Salad Maki (Php250) ~ Shrimps and crabstick salad rolled in nori, breaded and deep fried, topped with ebiko, drizzled with wasabi vinaigrette, soy-balsamic reduction and mango coulis.

This salad in a form of maki is one of Kulinarya Kitchen's best sellers. I could understand why. This unique offering of salad turned into a maki boasts of flavor, texture, and creative concept. I love the crunch in every bite followed by the savory sweetness of the salad.

Seafood Salad Maki
French Apple Tart (Php180) ~ Caramelized apple slices and almond slivers on crisp puff pastry served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (Php180) ~ A rich flourless chocolate cake with a molten truffle core. Served with vanilla ice cream and strawberry campote.

French Apple Tart
Warm Chocolate Lava Cake
What I have written here are just some of the dishes at Kulinarya Kitchen that are worth trying. I have other favorites which I will reserve on my next Kulinarya blog posts. Meanwhile, if you are in Rockwell area, I suggest that you visit Kulinarya Kitchen and see for yourself why they have been in the business for more than ten years already.

Kulinarya Kitchen Rockwell Makati

Kulinarya Kitchen
P1 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City, Philippines 1200
Contact Nos. 898-1738 | 898-1864
Email: info@kulinaryakitchen.com
Website: www.kulinaryakitchen.com
Facebook: /KulinaryaKitchen

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