McDonald's Coke Modern Glass Collection 2014: Classy, Stylish, and Fun

November 24, 2014
Recently, kind people from McDonald's Philippines and EON sent me this McDonald's Coca-Cola 2014 Modern Glass Collection coupled with some good news about it. I am one of those who collects the iconic McDonald's and Coke glasses memorabilia and I am guessing some of you are too. So, this news really got me excited most especially when I saw that this years' iconic glasses are sporting contemporary design in sophisticated hue of light gray.

The strong partnership between McDonald's and Coca-Cola has once again sealed through the introduction of the modern glass collection this year. This tradition between the two big brands has already spanned for seven wonderful years and still counting.

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The package I got came in a big box that housed the six design variants of the glass collection. Although I believe that the box is for media promotional purposes only, diners can be assured that the glass/glasses they will be availing at McDonald's will be encased in its usual paper casing just like the previous collections made available commercially.

McDonald's Coke Modern Glass Collection 2014
While I still have not opened the box, I notice the subtle print on it that says "The Coca-Cola Modern Glass Collection" plus the iconic coke logo with words 2014 Edition printed below it. Of course, McDonald's logo was also printed at the upper part of the box. The printed glass sample in front served as a glimpse of what to expect as one opens the box. Yet, despite that, I was still amazed at how classy and beautiful this year's glass collection.

McDo Coke Glass Collection
Devoid of the usual colorful flair that McDonalds and Coke glasses are known for, in my opinion, this is the best glass collection they dished out in that span of seven years. I am guessing it has something to do with my preference to the dark and grayish hue, but it is a universal fact that these colors exude sophistication when executed right.

McDo Coke Glass Collection 2014
Although sporting a single hue, what gives the glasses distinct characters are the design patterns inspired from graphic elements. These visually distinctive patterns include; diamond, linear, mosaic, pixel, ripple, and steel. I cannot decide which one is my favorite because each and one of them is aesthetically pleasing to my eye. But judging from the ease of grip, I am leaning towards the linear design.

McDo Coke Glass Collection Designs
So, how can you avail of McDonald's Coca-Cola Modern Glass Collection 2014?

You can take home any of these designs by adding Php25.00 to any McDonald's Extra Value Meal you purchased. This is also applicable if you avail of their BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle and any Breakfast Extra Value Meals.

Php25.00 on top of your meal purchases an you can have a McDo Coca-Cola modern glass of your own.

McDo Coke Glass Collection Philippines
McDonald's Coke Modern Glass Collection 2014 are available at McDonald's stores nationwide and is valid via dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, McDelivery, and McDo PH App, all day including breakfast hours.

Although I already have a complete set, I am still half way through my next set because seriously, I am so in love with this year's glass collection at McDo and if you have seen and held one, you will understand why.

McDonald's Coke Modern Glass Collection 2014 Philippines

Now, another great news is that our beloved McDonald's Cheeseburger got new crunch through added bacon on the spin. I know no one who does not love bacon save for some vegan friends, but seriously, bacon on your McDo cheeseburger? What's not to love?

For those who wants some veggies on their cheeseburger however, McDo Cheeseburger Deluxe on the other hadn may be your best bet. 100% pure beef patty with slice of tomatoes, fresh and crisp lettuce, special dressing, and strips of bacon, this is surely a treat you cannot resist.

This promo is on limited time offer only so I suggest that you visit the nearest McDonald's store to you and grab these awesome babies! 

McDonald's Cheeseburger Deluxe

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  1. Yedy, do you accept freelance job for product photo shoot? We are looking into your blog and we are really impressed by your photos. We also sent you proposal thru email. Thanks!

  2. Someone beat me into commenting first! argh! haha! Just kidding.

    My younger cousins in Manila are into collecting those glasses, they are all over instagram! It must look really good.

    Great photos Yedy, how do you do that? How do you make things look so good?

    1. Hi Jay, commenters like you who never get tired of leaving some love here on my blog brighten my day. Thank you so much for that! These McDo Coke glasses are really gorgeous, I can understand why your cousins are so into it.

      Regarding the photos, the glass collection is already beautiful to begin with, so, no camera tricks here :)

  3. Your photos are always inspiring. Please post some photography tutorial on your blog. Food photography or even products. Us, your readers will appreciate that. Thanks Yedi.

    1. Hi Elray, thank you for your kind words. I am not sure if I writing about photography tutorial is my thing, I have not tried it yet, but don't worry, I'll keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you so much for your input!


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