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NIU by Vikings Buffet, SM Aura

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
A lot has been said about NIU by Vikings Luxury Buffet located in SM Aura. A simple Google search yields numbers of food blogs and media write ups about what is tagged to be the fine dining version of Vikings Buffet. And it can't be helped since being recognized as The Best Buffet Restaurant in Manila, one cannot really expect nothing less when it comes to the Vikings Buffet Group.

I have written about several Vikings Buffet branches here on the blog including another on of its sister restaurant, Four Seasons Hot Pot. Dining experiences at these buffets always bring delight to my heart. Now the spotlight is at NIU.

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During the early days of its opening a hefty price tag of over Php1,000 will secure you a spot to this fine dining luxurious buffet. During my visit however, the price has been slashed to Php888 for lunch and Php1,388+ for dinner. Now the question still lingers, why is NIU more expensive than other Vikings Buffet?

That was the question that was playing in my mind prior to my visit at NIU, and I was dead set in knowing the answer. I have heard a lot of different feedback from friends who have been there prior to me. Some were on the fence while some were downright happy about NIU. That made me all the more curious.

NIU by Vikings at SM Aura Taguig

As with all Vikings Buffet restaurants, NIU prided itself with an elegant ambiance befitting of a fine dining hotel restaurant. I admit that I have always been a fan of Vikings' classy taste in interior design and while I thought that I have seen the best, NIU happened.
Luxurious Interior Design of NIU Buffet
The way I see it, the place was nothing like your usual fine dining non-hotel restaurant. Setting foot inside, it is hard to believe that it is a separate entity and not at all link to any luxurious hotel there is. It is that classy and beautiful.

Beautiful Interior Design Inside NIU by Vikings
Everything screams elegance and class from the panels of the ceiling the light fixtures, down to every detail of the chairs. 

Hotel-Like Ambiance at NIU
There is even a grand piano in the house which a talented musician plays during dinner service. 

Grand Piano at NIU
For special occasions, guests may book any of the three private function rooms available. 

The Norway and Denmark room both can house 10 to 12 guests at a time. It can also be combined which gives liberty to accommodate  20 to 24 persons.

Private Function Room at NIU by Vikings
Private Room at NIU
The Sweden Room on the other hand boasts of 40 to 50 sitting capacity. This is perfect for big parties and other special occasions. 

24 Karat Private Function Room at NIU
Now this I have to say, even the powder room at NIU looks elegant you wouldn't mind the long wait if ever there's queue.

Elegant Powder Room at NIU
NIU means nine in Vikings language. Aptly named as such since NIU is the 9th branch of Vikings Luxury Buffet. Staying loyal to this number, NIU features nine food station that stretches from one end to another.

Food station includes Appetizers, Desserts, Japanese, Beverage, Pan Asian, Chinese, Grill, Carving, and Western.

Dessert Station at NIU
Buffet Spread at NIU
The buffet set up sort of reminds me of the set up they have at Vikings Buffet Marikina branch. The glaring difference however is that at NIU, the set up looks way luxurious even if swamped with a lot of people. 

Great Food Selections at NIU Buffer
Long Line of Buffet Spread at NIU

Appetizer Station

This section features different kinds of pre-made salads, and those which guests can customized themselves. There are also different kinds of cold cuts and finger foods. Not to be overshadowed are the different kinds of breads, cheeses, and mini sandwiches or canapes.

Cold Cuts at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Bread Selections at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Finger Food at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Japanese Station

This buffet section features different kinds of Japanese favorites. One of my favorites in this section is the cold soba noodles. There are also other Japanese dishes such as the tonkatsu, tempura, and the proverbial sushi, sashimi, and  maki rolls.

Soba Japanese Noodles at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Sushi and Sashimi at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Japanese Food at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Chinese Station

Chinese dishes are also aplenty. There are the usual dimsum of different variants and other Chinese dishes we all grown to love. 

Chinese Goodies at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Chicken Feet at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Chinese Delicacies at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Pan-Asian Station

This section features dishes fro neighboring Asian countries. There Basmati Rice, Beef Rendang, Tikka Masala, and other dishes which can make anyone who loves Asian food salivate.

Pan-Asia Buffet Section at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Biryani at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Beef Rendang at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Pan-asian Delicacies at NIU by Vikings Buffet
HotPot at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Western Cuisine Station

Boasting of different Western dishes, albeit not as extensive as the ones at the Chinese section, but impressive nonetheless. There are also the well-loved pizza station which must not be missed since everything is had made and tossed with creative flair of the chefs. Of course, the pasta station is still ever present.

Western Cuisine at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Pizza Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Pasta Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Grill Station

This section features raw meats such as pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and different seafood. Vegetables were also present for the diners' taking. 

Grill Station American Choices at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Grill Station Mediterrananean Choices at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Grill Station Asian Choices at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Carving Station

This section is as impressive as all the Vikings Buffet Carving Station. Always the favorite among the stations, it is good that chefs at NIU, just like at all Vikings branches, are quick in replenishing empty spots.

Turkey on the Carving Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
US Prime Rib at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Carving Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Dessert Station

I cannot count how many times I have showed my utmost admiration for Vikings quality desserts, and as expected, the ones they have at NIU did not disappoint. It still has the hotel quality flair to it which cannot be compared to any other buffet restaurants out there. What sets NIU apart however, is the inclusion of Gelato station at their Dessert section.

Chocolate Cake at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Dessert Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Mini Cakes at NIU by Vikings Buffet
More Dessers at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Gelato at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Drinks Station

The impressive variety of juices, iced teas, sodas, coffee, and hot tea are still there to accompany the great food they do offer at NIU. What's better is that at NIU you get to drink all the red and white wines you want on top of the unlimited imported beers they have, for no extra costs.

Drink Station at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Coffee and Tea at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Unlimied Beer and Wine at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Hard Drinks at NIU by Vikings Buffet
I went at NIU during their lunch service and I was told that at night, there are other items which guests can enjoy like, get this - Unlimited Foie Gras. For a while there I thought that I should have gone during dinner time but lucky me, I was treated to a beef dish topped with foie gras that day served straight to our table.

Now that's another thing that sets NIU apart from other Vikings Buffet, or any other buffet for that matter. If guest do not have the patience to go around and choose their food from the buffet spread, they can ask the food attendants to serve them food to their table instead. Just ask them to bring you their specialty for the day and they will gladly oblige.

Beef Medallion with Foie Gras at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Chili Crab and Dragon Sushi at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Chocolate Mousse at NIU by Vikings Buffet
Now I understand why NIU, although considered as another branch of Vikings Buffet, is priced higher compared to other. I am thinking it has something to do with NIU Experience ~ no pun intended. NIU is a fine dining buffet restaurant and you will really feel that.

Aside from the usual buffet spread, there are other glaring additions such as the Foie Gras Station and the unlimited wines. So, for Php888 lunch and Php1,388 dinner, I would say it is not that bad. Given the kind of ambiance they have and the impeccable service, I would say it is impressive, as a matter of fact.

Best Buffet in Manila, NIU by Vikings Buffet

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NIU by Vikings
6F SM Aura Premier, 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig
Telephone: +632 478-3888, 847-3888
Mobile: +63 917 586-6888, +63 919 999-6888
Facebook: NIU by Vikings: SM Aura
Twitter: @VikingsBuffet
Instagram: @NIUbyVikings

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    1. Hi! Thanks for swinging by my blog. Do share with us your NIU experience here at YedyLicious. We'd love to hear about it :)

  2. Hi, is there a reservation fee?? Thank you so much.

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