Toyohashi Pudding by Kumori Japanese Bakery

My introduction to Kumori Toyohashi Pudding came in a very apt time as I have been searching for an easy chocolate pudding recipe online to appease my cravings in the past few days. I was hell bent on making it myself until I figured I don't really have enough time nor energy to do so. Hence, it is way better to resort into buying the ready-made pudding instead.

Kumori Japanese Bakery, being one of those brands I trust, thankfully released Toyohashi Pudding. And there's no second guessing myself to take a chance in trying out this new product.

Kumori Pudding
Kumori Japanese Bakery is known to dish out delectable baked goodies. Their most popular product - the Hanjuku Japanese Cheesecake which is by far one of the best Japanese Cheesecakes I have ever eaten. Gearing towards expanding their arsenal of goodies, Toyohashi Pudding is said to capture the hearts of food enthusiasts.

Kumori Pudding Package
Kumori is also known to uphold the traditional Japanese baking craftsmanship, using only high quality ingredients. I have tried several of their products before and I must say that "excellent" is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to their products. With this, getting my hands on their Toyohashi Pudding, I expected nothing less.

Kumori Pudding Set
Essentially, Toyohashi Pudding is a baked custard cream dessert made from farm fresh eggs and premium buttermilk cream. It is currently available in three flavors; Original, Green Tea, and Chocolate

Kumori Pudding Flavors
The Original flavor is Kumori's take on classic pudding. Creamy and milky all at the same time without overbearingly so, hence not cloying at all. It is the only variant which has a melted caramel at the bottom which thin consistency reminded me of our local Creme Caramel or Leche Flan.

Classic Kumori Toyohashi Pudding
I have high hopes for the Green Tea variant since Kumori is a Japanese Bakery after all. If there is someone who will take green tea flavor seriously, it should be those that hails from the Land of the Rising Sun where the tea originated. Although this variant did not end up as my favorite among the three, it did not disappoint either.

Green Tea Matcha Kumori Toyohashi Pudding
Now their Chocolate variant I must say is my favorite among the three. Rich and luscious, dark but not bitter, it was a good pudding all things considered. The high quality chocolate will speak for itself in every spoonful, and for me that's what matters most when dealing with chocolate pudding.

Chocolate Kumori Toyohashi Pudding
All these three pudding possess  velvety consistency in texture. The richness of its flavor is also noteworthy and downright impressive. 

Kumori Toyohashi Pudding
I find Kumori Toyohashi Pudding impressive enough to earn my willingness to travel to Makati just to grab some for future consumption. The packaging is also cute which makes it perfect for gift giving.

Pudding at Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
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