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J.CO Donuts and Coffee Philippines: Halloween Donuts #HalloweenWithJco

Thursday, October 29, 2015
This Halloween, J.CO Philippines is giving us reasons to celebrate by introducing their Halloween Donuts. With two flavors namely Trapped in a Web Donut and Nutty Dracula Donut, it's going to be a frightful Halloween this year - as J.CO Philippines aptly put it.

J.Co is known to dish out delightfully interesting flavors in their arsenal of donuts. These two new flavors are just some of them.

J.CO Halloween Donuts
So what exactly these two flavors are all about, you ask. 

Nutty Dracula Donut is rich with peanut butter on the inside and garnished with dark chocolate and strawberry sauce on the outside. Topping it off is a hint of white chocolate- a little sweetness to balance the sultry taste. 

Trapped in a Web Donut is filled with Tiramisu Cream, and capped with a mix of Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Tiramisu.
Trapped in a Web Donut and Nutty Dracula Donut
J.CO Halloween Donuts are now available at all J.CO branches but will only last until November 2. These donuts are priced at Php 42 each, Php 252 for half a dozen, Php 380.00 for one dozen, and Php 592.00 for two dozens. 

Tiramisu Donut

For more information, check out J.CO Donuts and Coffee Philippines on Facebook (/J.COPhils) Use the hashtag #HalloweenWithJco to join the conversation on Social Media.

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