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November 17, 2015
"What are the best and affordable catering services in Manila?" I tell you guys, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I am getting in my inbox. So when Hizon's Catering invited me to one of their Grand Food Tasting, to check out not just their food offerings but what exactly this event is all about, I figured, why not.

I've been writing about restaurants and food recommendations since 2008 but I rarely touched on Manila catering services. So despite the invite for the grand food tasting being scheduled on a Sunday, which is a family day for me, I decided to go and document the experience here on the blog for readers' reference.

Hizon's Grand Food Tasting, Best Catering Services in Manila
Apparently, despite being known in catering industry, Hizons Catering is very active in holding free food tasting for prospected clients. I was told they have it up to three times a week sometimes. Each event is held at Hizon's Catering affiliated event venues. This way, they are able to showcase and offer their services, not to mention let the guests try their food.

Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting last Sunday was held at Cities Events Place in Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City. Currently, there are 375 venues affiliated with Hizon's Catering.

Cities Events Place Quezon City
Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting is tagged as free, those who are interested will be asked to sign up for the event through their website. Although it is free, please take note that those who signed up will be screened just to make sure that they are indeed having an event and are looking to book a caterer.

I have not tried the whole process of signing up and screening because I was just invited as a media participant. But I was told that the process is very easy as long as you are not just trying to score for free food.

Hizon's Free Food Tasting
The event will let the guests see and feel a mock up party set up, all complete with event set up design. That day, the theme was Sakura which I love.

Hizon's Catring Sakira Catering Set Up
The set up was just like a wedding banquet event, but please note that Hizon's Catering accepts all kinds of events like private parties, birthdays, anniversaries, kiddie parties, and the likes. I was told they are one of the official caterers of APEC 2015 Summit, so you get the idea.

Sakura Theme Events Set Up
The Sakura theme set up I must say was nothing short of lovely save for the couple's area which I find a tad bare for my liking. But the entire place was beaming with loveliness. 

Sakura Theme Table Set Up by Hizon's Catering
I particularly like the table set up which we as guests did get to enjoy because that was where we were asked to enjoy the food tasting. 

Sakura Theme Set Up
Since it was essentially a food tasting event, guests were treated to a buffet set up meal, although other courses were served on the table instead of the buffet spread.

Buffet Set Up Hizon's Catering

There was a carving station as well which guests enjoyed. There were Slow Roasted US Beef Belly with Classic Mushroom Gravy and Smoked Hickory Barbecue Sauce, and Herb Rub Pork with Apple Chutney and Mushroom Gravy. Both of which I really like, but we will get to that later.
Carving Station Buffet Set Up Hizon's Catering
The buffet set up, in the hope to mimic a true event also features dessert station and salad station. But during grand food tasting event, these were off limits. However, these goodies are served on the table. 

Salad and Dessert Buffet Set Up by Hizon's Catering
So this was the feast. For appetizer we had the following; Sesame Flat Bread, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Crisped Beef Ssam, Candied Bacon and Macerated Apple Canape, Shrimp and Smoked Fish Cocoon in Lemon Aioli, and Smoked Fish with Mango Tarragon Salsa Crostini.

This was served to the guests and serving portion depends on the number of people on your table. Everything tasted okay but my favorite were the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, although I would much rather have it with Melba toast than the Sesame Flat Bread which I find lacking in flavor and quantity. Another favorite was the Candied Bacon and Macerated Apple Canape.

Appetizer by Hizon's Catering
For the soup we had Truffle Three Mushroom Soup which won me over simply because I find the Cream of Pumpkin Soup a tad too sweet for my taste it could almost be considered as dessert. These were also served on the table and not on the buffet spread.

Soup by Hizon's Catering
Also served on the table were Peach Mango Salad with Peach Mango Vinaigrette and Grilled Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. Both were good.

Salads by Hizon's Catering
Now for the hot dishes, guests were asked to partake on the buffet spread where everything was carefully arranged. The options are quite impressive in terms of number. 

I did my best to taste everything and while I find everything good, my favorites were the meats on the carving station, Beef Teppanyaki with Asian Vegetables, Glazed Pork Oriental with Carrot and Jicama Relish,and the Crisp Beef Rice.

Food Selections by Hizon's Catering
If you are curious about the other main entree selections, they are as follows; Beef Teppanyaki with Asian Vegetables, Chicken Sambal, Chicken Alexander, Glazed Pork Oriental with Carrot and Jicama Relish, Baked Fish Fillet Stuffed with Spinach, Pan-Seared Fish Fillet with Mango Salsa and Plum Chili Saice, Vegetable Lumpia, Farm's Harvest Vegetables, Crispy Beef Rice, and Staemed Rice.

Buffet Spread at Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting Event

Included on the buffet set up were the pasta station and the quesadilla station. Yes, both of which are accessible to guests. I tried the Penne Carbonara which was good and the quesadilla which I love.

Pasta Selection by Hizon's Catering
The dessert were served on the table, that day there were four available; Baked Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango Vailla Panna Cotta, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Vanilla Creme Brulle.

Everything was okay, nothing mind blowing. Sort of reminds me of the desserts they used to serve at Dad's Grand Buffet before the dessert station revamped.

Desserts Seletions by Hizon's Catering
During the food tasting, survey forms were handed out to guests so that they could score and give feedback about the food and the marketing presentation.

Suggestion Sheet by Hizon's Catering
Speaking of which, there is a table per table marketing presentation the entire grand food tasting. This is the chance for Hizon's Catering personnel to interact with the guests as prospected clients. All questions and concerns raised will be addressed during this session.

So if you are about to have an event and is looking for a caterer, I suggest that you join Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting event because through this, you will get to experience their services first hand. I was told that Hizon's Catering does not have fixed packages because they function to work based on their clients' budget. Isn't that amazing?

Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting
To know more about Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting, you may check out their website (hizonscatering.com) Facebook page (/hizonscatering) and Instagram (@hizons.catering). You may also use the hashtags #HizonsFoodTasting and #HizonsCatering to check out and join the conversation on social media.

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