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Sons of Burger, Kick Ass Gourmet Burgers You Will Swoon For

Friday, December 18, 2015
This article about Sons of Burger in Antipolo City was originally published at the maiden issue of a new food magazine, Flavours & Senses Magazine under the publisher Ocular Media Publications Group. I am thankful that our amazing Editor-In-Chief Dianne Dominique Ting gave me the liberty to share this new restaurant in Antipolo City, one of the places close to my heart.

I am more than enthusiastic to share this piece here on YedyLicious not just because of the Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series I am currently running, but also because this kick ass burger joint is well worth a space here.

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This piece was published around October of this year which means this particular visit happened months back. I am confident that there are some new additional items on the menu, so it is set on stone that I will be coming back to Sons of Burger and once again share my experience here. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading this.

Sons of Burger in Antipolo City
Words and Photos by Yedy Calaguas
Flavours and Sense Magazine
Volume 1, Issue 1.

There are a lot of burger joint sprinkled within the City of Antipolo but there is nothing quite like Sons of Burger.  Named after a popular American series Sons of Anarchy, Sons of Burger owned by a motorcycle enthusiast Glenn San Agustin specializes in manly gourmet burgers coupled with locally sourced craft beers and then some. 

Sons of Burger in Antipolo City
Stepping inside Sons of Burger in is like visiting a motorcycle garage but not without a homey flair.  A macho burger joint with big heart – half of the place is peppered with motorcycle parts affixed on the wall while the other half features a collection of art works painted by Glenn’s 13yr old daughter, Kiara.  Another corner features a shelf housing several books penned by authors of different genres from Anne Frank to Chuck Palahniuk.  The most intriguing part of the restaurant however is the kitchen at the back end where delicious magic happens.

Sons of Burger Impressive Decor
Everything on the menu begs to be savored but it is best to start with a lip smacking prelude to the burger feast you will embark on with Classic S.O.B Wings and Taco Fries. You may also grab a bottle or two of your preferred craft beer for these grub will make up for the quintessential burger experience.

Arts and Books at Sons of Burger
All gourmet burger selections at Sons of Burger is made of 130 grams pure Angus beef patty cooked through fire grill. The selections can be piled up with three patties in one go depending on diners’ appetite. Other than these impressive feats, the charm relies on the fact that these gourmet burgers have the power to transport the diners to different places other than the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines. 

Kickin' Wings at Sons of Burger
Kickin' Wings
Frickin' Fries at Sons of Burger
Frickin' Fries
Take for instance the El Capitano Burger which is reminiscent of Mexican’s taco.  Sitting atop of Angus beef patty on a bed of shredded cabbage and dollop of mayonnaise are generous band of pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, and a special tangy sauce that binds the flavor together. It is so good you wouldn’t mind shouting Ole! after every bite. 

Sons of Burger El Capitano Burger
El Capitano Burger
From Mexico you can go straight to South Korea as you indulge on SoKor Burger.  The combination of Angus beef patty and kimchi seems unlikely but it works really well together. This burger is carefully developed and executed even the non-kimchi lovers may take a pleasure on it.

SoKor Burger Sons of Burger
Sokor Burger
When one is craving for something Italian, Ciao Bella Burger can be the best bet. Angus beef patty topped with homemade tomato sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, and basil leaf – both pleasing to the eyes and to the palate.

Sons of Burger Ciao Bella Burger
Ciao Bella Burger
For those who prefer straight up manly burger, the Brave Heart Burger is the answer. Aptly tag as the macho burger and not for the faint of heart, Brave Heart is flame grilled bacon-wrapped Angus beef patty topped with American cheese and a generous dollop of cheese sauce. 

Brave Heart Burger Sons of Burger
Brave Heart Burger
This is a pretty short write up since economy of words matters when it comes to magazine writing. But I am super stoked to write more about Sons of Burger in Antipolo City in due course when I revisit. But I wouldn't wait for that second blog post to tell you that by far, Sons of Burger is my most favorite burger joint restaurant that opened in Antipolo City this year. 

Sons of Burger Antipolo City Rizal, Best Burger in Antipolo City, Sons of Burger Blog Review Menu Price Contact No. Address Facebook Instagram Twitter
Sons of Burger is located at Citia Okinari Complex, Circumferential Rd. San Roque, Antipolo City. (Near Ynares Sports Complex and The Little House of Cheesecake.)

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