시별리 Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul Korean Restaurant at Ayala Malls The 30th

November 08, 2017
I have been hearing a lot of good review about Sibyullee, a Korean Restaurant located at Ayala Malls The 30th which made me want to visit it to see if it can satisfy my unwavering love for Korean food. Yet, it wasn't an easy feat for someone like me who lives and works far away. When I had a staycation at Marco Polo Ortigas during my birthday, I took advantage of my free time and finally visit Sibyullee.

Now I am saying this from the get-go; I only have good words for Sibyullee. From the service to the ambiance up to the quality of food they serve - everything was satisfyingly impressive.

I guess that is to be expected. After all, the people behind Sibyullee are the same lot behind the equally impressive Sariwon Korean Barbecue and Soban K-Town Grill which I heard was also noteworthy. But whether you are a fan of its two sister restaurants, Sibyullee has its own charm that would make any Korean food-loving person happy to the core.

Take it from me, it is currently my favorite Korean Restaurant in Manila. Future visits are already plotted.

It is said that Sibyullee aims to serve flavors of Seoul inspired by the delicious and vibrant street food in Myeongdong and the innovative BBQ scene in Itaewon. Sibyullee's menu reflects all these things making diners' visit a exciting Korean gastronomical experience.

Korean food choices that made it to Sibyullee's menu are quite extensive and reasonably priced. The serving portions, based on my experience are impressive which can make hefty eaters such as my self satisfied. One may opt for ala carte menu but if coming in big group, I highly recommend Sibyullee's Combo Sets.

During this visit, we got to enjoy Sibyullee's Signature BBQ Combo Set 3. It is one of those combo sets poised to feed 3 to 4 persons. They implement a pretty strict headcount when it comes to their combo set. If you are five in group, you may order the good for 4 persons set and add an ala carte item as a workaround just like what we did.

Having the Sibyullee's Signature BBQ Combo Set 3 during my first ever visit at Sibyullee was a good call. It introduces me to variety of dishes that Sibyullee offers at a very affordable price. Really, for Php2,400 I consider this deal a bang for a buck.

So what are the dishes included on this set? First, there's Banchan Set which comes in unlimited servings. They got one of the best kimchi I have ever tasted here in Manila and I am lucky that our very accommodating and cheerful server named Ailyn was more than happy to refill.

Then there are four servings of soup which if my memory serves me right, tasted like delicious beef bone broth soup more than anything. It was a thoughtful addition if I do say so myself, considering there really is no soup based dish included on the set. If diners however wants substantial soup dish, there are good options available such as Seollongtang, Noodles, and Chigae dishes on the menu.

For rice dishes, diners are given two options for this combo set; either choose two servings of Dolsot Bibimbap or opt Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice with two plain rice.

I opted for the Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice (Php499 ala carte) with two plain rice because I have always been interested how this dish would taste like. I often cook Kimchi fried rice sprinkled with shredded Mozzarella cheese back at home because my nephew loves it. This one at Sibyullee piqued my interest because of the way it was served - it's full of gooey cheese! And I love it.

I thought that the generous cheese might turn this dish into something cloying after couple of spoonful, but as with all Kimchi Fried Rice, it relies in the goodness of the quality of Kimchi it uses. It has a perfect balance in my opinion and I wouldn't mind having it again on my next visit.

There's also the Tornado Potato Hweori Gamja (Php155 ala carte) which I find quite addictive in its crispness and flavor. I love that the flavor of gochugaru among the spices sprinkled on it was very apparent for it lends a distinct Korean to an otherwise simple fried potato dish.

I love Korean pajeon and I am glad that there is one included on this set. Another bonus is that it is haemul variety which means seafood which I love. Just like all the other dishes, this Haemul Pajeon (Php380 ala carte) comes in hefty serving portion and obviously, they didn't scrimp on the filling.

All combo sets available at Sibyullee boasts of meat selections diners may barbecue to their liking. Our set comes with thin slices of fresh USDA Choice Beef Belly (Php400 ala carte). It was so good that I can finish an entire serving all by my lonesome. But then of course there are other dishes included on the set to try.

Another meat included on the combo set was 200g Pork Belly (Php350/fresh, Php400/marinated ala carte). Diners are given a choice between fresh pork belly and marinated ones. I opted for the marinated one for extra flavor and it did not disappoint. And of course, to complete the samgyupsal experience, the pork belly comes with lettuce leaves, slices of raw garlic, and the well-loved samjang.

One of the things that made me excited about this set was the  Galbi Cheese BBQ (Php950 ala carte). To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I so wanted to go back at Sibyullee. This delicious meal comprised of  tender marinated beef with fresh vegetables, rice cakes, thin slices of potato, buttered corn, egg omelette, and melted cheese.

The experience of having the super tender savory sweet beef dip into gooey melted cheese and enjoying it to the last morsel was just amazingly satisfying. And can I just say that grilled rice cakes dipped in melted cheese is just amazing? Take my word for it.

There are other options of this kind like the Dwaejigogi Cheese BBQ (Pork) and Dakgogi Cheese BBQ (Chicken) priced at Php680 and Php620 respectively.

Since we are five in our group during this visit, we need to add an additional ala carte item to our order because the set is strictly good for four persons. I deemed it was the best time to try Sibyullee's Weekday Solo Lunch Menu which is available from Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm. Each item is served with two single served side dishes, soup, and a glass of iced tea. 

We opted for  Beef Bap Solo Lunch Menu (Php185) and while it is said that it is just a snack size of their Beef Bibimbap, it can be easily satisfy a person with hefty appetite. It comes with 50g of beef alongside all the other veggies known for bibimbap. 

Drinks are not included on the set so be sure to check out the choices on the menu. There are soju, beer, and wines on the menu but if you want to opt for non-alcoholic, they do have variety of sodas, juices, and shakes available with price that ranges from Php40 to Php110. 

As I have mentioned, I have nothing but good words and full appreciation for Sibyullee. All the food I have tried were impeccably satisfying. The prices are reasonable and the serving portions are hefty. The service was also highly commendable. Our food attendant that day Ailyn was very knowledgeable and helpful. Even the manager and almost everyone of the staff are all very warm and welcoming. 

I could say that Sibyullee is currently my favorite Korean Restaurant in Manila as of the moment. And I highly encourage everyone to go visit Sibyullee if you are up for an impressive Korean gastronomical experience. 

시별리 Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul
G/F, Ayala Malls The 30th,
30 Meralco Avenue
Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 9586986
Email Add.: sibyullee@gmail.com
Facebook: @Sibyullee
Instagram: @Sibyullee

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  2. I also love Sibyullee! That's where I celebrated my Anniv with boyfie last month :) we love their Beef Bap.

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