My Top Picks at The Ultimate Taste Test 2019 #UTT2019

September 08, 2019
We've been attending The Ultimate Taste Test since its early days. We've enjoyed a lot of new food finds and have met a lot of likeminded individuals who like us, believe in the transformative power of good food. This year is their 10th year. Yes, it's a decade of helping out food merchants introduced their creations to the public and helping consumer find food products well-worth the calories and money. 

I started working in corporate set up months ago so I wasn't really expecting that I'll make it to this year's UTT. Luckily, my friends - the very same peeps who I've gone with to the previous years of UTT with - Rina (@rinasrainbow) a.k.a. Mrs. Pickiest Eater and Glenn (@i_am_glenn_daniel) a.k.a. The Strolling Spoon were there to drag my sleepy self out and enjoy the event. I may lack sleep but no regrets, I tell you.

The Ultimate Taste Test 10 was held at The SMX Convention Center Aura. There were around 40+ new food brands to discover so just like the previous years, it's a bit hard to decide on what's the best of the best. But we're food enthusiasts, and we love doing stuff like this. 

So, here goes my Top Picks at The Ultimate Taste Test 10.

1. Mushroom Dinakdakan by Joni and Susan Agroshop (@jasagroshop) 

To this day, I am still dreaming of that downright delicious Mushroom Dinakdakan I've tried at the UTT 10. It was the perfect dish I wouldn't mind bingeing in because hey, compared to the usual dinakdakan dish we all love, this one is way healthier. Definitely my favorite. I am looking into visiting their Greenhouse Restaurant to try some of the healthy delicious food they serve.

2. Laing Longganisa by Que Rica, Crafted in Bicol (

I'll be honest. I did went back to this stall and asked for a second serving of their delicious Laing Longganisa to which the owner gladly and lovingly agreed to. There was a post or two here on the blog where I said that I am not a fan of longganisa in general but Que Rica's Laing Longganisa made me a convert!

3. Lechon Butter By General's Lechon (@generalslechon)

I was a bit skeptical about this one at first then the next thing I know, I was already thinking of pasta, freshly baked breads, and everything I could possibly put General's Lechon Lechon Butter into. It's something that you would want to have more of for yourself and it is also something you would want to give to your friends and loved-ones that love Lechon through and through.

4. Black Truffle and Mushroom Siomai By Asian Treasures (@Bao.Asia.Treassures) 

Let's admit it, regulars of this blog knows that I love everything with Truffles, so it is impossible for the Asian Treasures' Black Truffle and Mushroom Siomai not to be included on this list. But don't get me wrong, they deserved it. I love that the complexity of the flavor is pronounced without taking you away from the fact that you are eating a classic favorite - siomai. 

5. Mushroom Sisig By Nurture Wellness Village Inc. (@nurturewellnessvillage)

Mushroom Sisig isn't really a new concept. I've had a lot of different mushroom sisig rendition in the past. Some are good, others are forgettable. But I am including this Mushroom Sisig by Nurture Wellness Village because it's good and it's always nice to have another option should we decide to switch on the healthier spectrum of our food adventures. 

6. Korean Brown Rice Kimchi By KusiNanay's Food Products

I have a recipe for Kimchi Fried Rice on my YouTube Channel and it is my go-to recipe whenever I am craving for simple Korean food that satisfies the soul. KusiNanay's Korean Brown Rice Kimchi gave me the same comforting feeling whenever I am eating my very own Kimchi Fried Rice. Needless to say, it captured my heart. 

7. Waffable by Rustic Morning's (@rusticmornings)

What's not to love about delicious waffle on stick dressed with delicious flavors that will bring you back to those easy lovely Sunday mornings where there's nothing to do but indulge on good food with your loved ones? I don't know about you but Waffable has that effect on me. 

8. Classic Break and Dark Night Cookies by Chip (@iwantchip)

The best damn cookies I have had this year by far. Period. 

9. Cookies By Okeia Gourmet Cookies by Jo (@okeiagourmetcookiesbyjo)

This one is different, in a good good way. The one I've tried tasted like a fruitcake but a million times better - in a cookie form. Seriously, if Okeia continues to create such unique-tasting cookies, it'll go places. I am sincerely rooting for this one. 

10. Chicharooms (@chicharooms)

The salted egg flavor blew me away. I love that I could binge on it without feeling guilty. I just hope that it'll be widely available because not all salted egg-flavored chips widely available in the market are good. This one made with mushroom deserves wide followers in the market. 

11. Garlicious by CRAVEZA ( 

Good garlic sauce isn't easy to come by, in my opinion. It's hard to make one because it's either too weak in flavor or too strong. Garlicious strikes a fine balance in flavor that you would want to have more of it. Yep. YedyLicious loves Garlicious. 

11. Cheese Pimiento by Quezo City

I have a tried and tested cheese pimiento recipe here on the blog so I rarely buy from the market, but I wouldn't mind spending for Quezo City's delicious Cheese Pimiento because it's worth it. It's made with quezo de bola hence the pronounced cheesy flavor we all love. 

12. Made In Matcha (

Just when I thought that Matcha is so 2013, Made in Matcha's Nama Spread reminded me why I love matcha in the first place. I've had nama spread in the past that either made me really happy or breaks my heart (those exorbitantly-priced pretentious ones did!). Made in Matcha's version is one of those that will make you happy and perhaps, make those who have forgotten how good matcha is fall in love with it once again. 

There you go. My top picks. There are several other food brands at the UTT2019 that I know for sure made people satisfied and happy. That is why I always say that attending The Ultimate Taste Test is always worth it.  

So if you missed it this year, be sure to attend the next one. See you!

For more information about The Ultimate Tate Test, you may visit them on Facebook (@UltimateTasteTest) and check out their website ( 

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