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August 23, 2020
I cannot stress enough on this blog how much I love Korean Food. And if you are a long-time reader, you would probably know. I love dining in Korean restaurants, I even have a YouTube channel where I share some of the Korean food recipes I cook, and since we are still in a community quarantine, I figured it's high time to try Korean food home delivery available in our area.

Enter Kimchi Kingdom - a Korean home food delivery service that offers home cooked Korean meals beyond your usual samgyupsal.

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Thanks to my Korean friend who taught me how to cook Korean food, I somehow know my way around this cuisine that everyone seems to love. So really, I cannot say pass when offered to try Korean food others cooked. Kimchi Kingdom takes pride in the fact that their authentic Korean dishes are cooked by Korean mother (eomma/eomoni) so I figured, it is legit to have a roof-high expectation.

First one I got to try was their Samgyup Kimbap (Php150/solo, Php380/sharing) which is basically Korean Kimbap made all the more filling with pork. Nothing special about the pork, but it was seasoned well. Also, I love samgyup, so, this for me is a good treat than the usual.

Next was the Gyeran-mari (Php80.00) which is basically Korean Egg Roll Omelette. It was lightly fluffy soft and mildly flavored. It was a good side dish to have especially if you love omelette. 

Then there's also Haemul Pajeon (Php150) This Korean Seafood Pancake is a perfect choice if you want an extra special egg dish. Compared to the Haemul Pajeon I have had in the past, this one is pretty okay. It has shrimps, squid, and spring onion. It's generous in servings and very filling. It comes with special dipping sauce that I really like. 

Teokbokki (Php100) is one of those good options to have if you want downright classic Korean dish. I love Teokbokki and you haven't seen it yet, I have a Teokbokki recipe on my YouTube channel you might want to check out. 

Kimchi Kingdom's version of it is very straightforward. It's simple and I deem would suffice if you are craving for it.

Of course, there's also the proverbial Korean Fried Chicken Wings (Php180/6 pcs) I have tried both the Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom flavor and I find the latter more suiting to my taste because it's a combination of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors I love in my chicken dish. 

I have always been in love with Sundubu Jjigae or Korean Soft Tofu Stew (Php300). I feel like it's one of those underrated Korean dishes well worth raving. Kimchi Kingdom's version of it captured the perfect balance of flavor. I love the generous serving portion and I love that it makes you crave for it even more as you enjoy spoonful after spoonful. A perfect dish for rainy days but I wouldn't mind having it all-year round.

Another stew dish that I love from Kimchi Kingdom is their Kimchi Jjigae (Php250). It's comforting and downright delicious. The generosity in ingredients is very impressive. Definitely one of the dishes I can see myself ordering again from Kimchi Kingdom. 

I love Japchae/Korean Glass Noodles. While I love some of Kimchi Kingdom's Korean food choices, I find their Japchae (Php100/solo, Php380/family) a tad lacking in flavor. As you can see in the photo, it can easily pass for your run-of-the-mill local pancit and sadly the flavor is just like it. 

If you are a regular reader, chances are, you wold have an idea that one of my favorite Korean dishes is Korean Black Bean Noodles or Jjajangmyeon. I have shared my recipe for Jjajangmyeon on my YouTube channel and I have talked about it here on my blog for number of time. So I am always excited to try Jjajangmyeon in every chance I get. 

Kimchi Kingdom's Jjajangmyeon (Php170/solo, Php650/family) sadly failed to impress. The black bean sauce is okay, what I find to be a major let down is the use of what seems to be an instant noodles. Considering its price, I expected better. 

I find some of Korean dishes at Kimchi Kingdom to be really impressive especially their stews. Based on this experience, however, I figured noodle dishes is not their strongest suit. But then again, maybe it's just one of those days? I hope so, because truth be told, I am rooting for this Korean food delivery service. And yes, I will definitely order from them again if only to try my favorites and some of the items on their menu which I haven't tried yet. 

Kimchi Kingdom
Korean Food Delivery Service
Contact No.: 0927-7173550 / 0916-3410217
Facebook: @KimchiKingdom
Instagram: @Kimchi_Kingdom

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think i'm going to love Kimchi Kingdom because of this 😄


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