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Luke Skin PH: Korean Face Mask, Cleansing Nose Strip, and Hydrogel Eye Patch

November 15, 2017
Luke Total Skin Solution is a Korean beauty brand that was recently launched here in the Philippines. It specializes mainly on total skin care solutions through their products namely; face masks, cleansing nose strips, and hydrogel eye patches. All of which are inexpensive yet very effective one-time treatment that works wonders on all types of skin.

Just like most of skincare junkies I know, I am crazy about Korean facial masks. It's the holy grail in my humble skin care regimen.

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That is why I am so stoked to be introduced to Luke Skin PH because after trying their masks, nose strips, and eye patches for weeks, I can say that this brand works really well for me. All thanks to Luke Total Skin Solutions for using only natural ingredients on their products that work even on sensitive skin.

Snow Crystal White Tomato: An Amazing Natural Sunscreen for Healthy Radiant Skin

October 24, 2017
I was recently introduced to Snow Crystal White Tomato, and let me tell you that after trying out this product and knowing its numerous health benefits, I knew that it is something that is well worth sharing. A food supplement that works wonders on skin and overall health - what's not to love?

It is no secret to you my dear readers that it was only late last year when I decided to ditch smoking and start to focus more on my well-being. That propelled this blog to give way to health and wellness blog posts aside from usual stuff we normally talk about. So for today, Snow Crystal White Tomato, tagged as the "Natural Sunscreen" has the spotlight.

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Snow Crystal White Tomato is a food supplement that combines potent ingredients for healthy white skin and other health benefits. Yes, it is considered as "Natural Sunscreen" so, fellow skin care enthusiasts, we have our new best friend.

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