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Kings & Pawns Board Game Cafe, Marikina City

September 23, 2016
There is a noticeable proliferation of board game cafes these days and one of those that recently opened is Kings & Pawns Board Game Cafe located in Marikina City. There are a lot of homegrown restaurants and cafes in Marikina City but Kings & Pawns is one of the first few board game cafes in the area. 

Just like any other board game cafes, Kings & Pawns offers variety of board games alongside number of food items that diners may enjoy while playing. What sets them apart however is that there is no time/game limit nor minimum order needed to enjoy board games on this cafe.

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There are only few board games that I get to enjoy but give me good food choices and I will certainly be there. So I visited Kings & Pawns one afternoon to check out their offerings. 

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