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Fuwa Fuwa Bread: Your Delicious Fluffy Snacks On-The-Go

Monday, January 27, 2020
First time I learned about Fuwa Fuwa bread was from my nephews - one is 5 and the other one is 9. Their affinity for bread, I believe they got from me. But kids these days are amazing that most of the time, they beat me into having first dibs on new break products available in the market. Such is the case with Fuwa Fuwa Bread.

You see, I woke up one day and both of them were both making lambing to me to buy them this Fuwa Fuwa loaf bread they had the other day. I don't even what Fuwa Fuwa was until they talked me into bringing them at nearest 711 and there I found what was one of the cutest bread packagings I laid my eyes on. I as sold.

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Aside from the packaging, I was drawn into how soft and fluffy the bread was. Fuwa Fuwa by the way means fluffy - how apt. So from then on, we always have Fuwa Fuwa bread at home. The kids love the loaf series which they would smother with their choice of spread and they also love the milk and caramel mini loaf which they would eat with a glass of their favorite chocolate drinks. While I myself is particularly fond of their Whole Wheat Loaf. 

New Rustic Bread Variants & Best Selling Pastries at Kumori PH

Thursday, March 31, 2016
I have always been a fan of Kumori and I am sure many would nod in agreement that biting into their pastries, breads, and cakes made with freshest ingredients is indeed like biting into clouds. The opening of the first Café Kumori at SM North Edsa that follows the success of Kumori counters in SM Makati and Landmark is a clear indication that since its opening, Kumori is on top of its game. And guess what, they will soon be opening their fourth Kumori PH branch at UP Town Center

While I have yet to visit and check out Café Kumori to share my experience here on the blog, I am happy to share with you now some of the new rustic bread offerings at Kumori.

New Rustic Bread and Best Selling Breads Cakes Pastries at Kumori PH Japanese Bakeshop. Cafe Kumori Blog Review Menu Branch Store Operating Hours Menu Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Rustic bread – just the sound of it is enough to make a bread lover like myself get giddy with excitement. And since it is made by Kumori, the expectation is all the more higher. Now I am telling you from the get-go that they did not disappoint. 

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