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CPK National Pizza Day 2017: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza Promo

August 05, 2017
National Pizza Day at (CPK) California Pizza Kitchen is upon us and come August 15 to 16, diners may enjoy the traditional CPK Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza Promo. Staying true to their title as undisputed authority in innovative and adventurous California style pizzas, 5 new premium pizza will be introduced as the exclusive choices for the pizza promo.

The highly anticipated winner of the CPK Pizza Wars 2017, the Garlic Cream Cheese and Sausage Pizza will be made available to the public during the National Pizza Day. 

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If you love California Pizza Kitchen as much as I do, then you definitely should not miss the CPK National Pizza Day. Read on for more important details about the upcoming promo.

CPK Pizza Wars 2017

June 08, 2017
Now on its third year, California Pizza Kitchen’s CPK Pizza Wars continue to showcase its in-house pizza chefs’ talents through a friendly competition. California Pizza Kitchen has always been about creativity, innovative flavors, and culinary adventure which makes it California vibe a sure hit to pizza enthusiasts and foodies alike.

CPK Pizza Wars is one way of encouraging CPK’s pizza chefs to challenge themselves to new heights by creating innovative artisan pizza that tells their personal stories.

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The grand winner of the competition, aside from bagging cash prize will be given an honor of having his winning creation to be included in CPK Philippines menu.

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