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Chelsea Kitchen, Eastwood Mall Libis

November 11, 2015
I was at Eastwood City Libis last week working on my writing assignment and part of the itinerary of my day was to check out Chelsea Kitchen in Eastwood Mall. It is the newest branch of Chelsea Kitchen, and just like its branch in SM Megamall, it allows an easy access for busy shoppers to a much needed respite.

It was technically a brunch, my dining experience at Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood. I was dead set on just getting my job done as I have four restaurants to visit that day.

Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood Mall Libis Quezon City
But I am not really the type who could refuse a palatable feast that beckons. So with the strategy in mind relying on the proverbial food pacing, I allowed my self to indulge at Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen at SM Megamall

November 27, 2014
My visit to Chelsea Kitchen located at SM Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall happened amidst the time when attending to pressing matter at hand hinders me from throwing affirmative response to dining engagements. I guess luck was on my side the time a friend, Ramil of asked me to join them for an intimate lunch at Chelsea Megamall.

The luncheon schedule indicated was the exact time I was free to do blog related things. That rarely happen these days, truth be told.  So I guess I was destined to dine at Chelsea Kitchen for the first time to finally experience the creations of the talented chef Kalel Chan. Meeting new people and catching up with some blogger friends – the proverbial icing on top.

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Under Raintree Group of Restaurants, Chelsea Kitchen at Megamall is the laid back version of Chelsea Grand Café in Serendra. It occupies the space at the ground floor, EDSA side entrance of the bustling SM Mega Fashion Hall.

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