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Make Life Sweeter with Villa del Conte Chocolates

August 10, 2014
So, I’ve got an exciting news from Villa del Conte Chocolates specifically for chocolate lovers out there who are about to tie the knot. I have written about Villa del Conte Cioccolato Subime of Padova Italy here on my blog before and I must say their chocolates are really impressive. That is why I am excited to share this good news with you.

Villa del Conte in partnership with A-Weddings is currently having a contest wherein participants can get a chance to win artisanal chocolate tokens for their wedding. It is a perfect way to welcome your married life with something sweet and downright delicious.

Capture your Sweetest SelfWe with Villa Del Conte Chocolate

The contest runs from July 18, 2014 to August 18, 2014, and joining is fairly easy. Read on for the mechanics of the contest.  

Snow Ice at Tokyo Tokyo Philippines #MakeItSnow @tokyotokyoPHL

June 28, 2014

Rain or shine, cold icy treats is something I could not get enough of. Ice cream, shakes, frappuccinos, etc. are something I would not mind having even during rainy season. That is why ever since Tokyo Tokyo, a well-loved Japanese restaurant here in the Philippines released their Snow Ice, I m still enjoying it even if rainy season has been declared now here in our country.

Snow Ice is Tokyo Tokyo’s take on traditional Japanese iced dessert called Kakigori. It is essentially made up of creamy layers of vanilla shaved ice topped with all things delicious. There are three flavors available; Choco Sensation, Mango Peach Medley, and Halo-Halo

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines Japanese Restaurant Snow Ice Dessert, Tokyo Tokyo Snow Ice Contest

Early today, I paid a visit to Tokyo Tokyo to get my Snow Ice fix for the day. I was dead set on getting all three flavor but unfortunately, the Mango Peach Medley was not available. Good thing though that I equally loved the other two flavors which my family also loves.

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