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Ginza Bairin Philippines: New Dishes on the Menu

March 25, 2014
When tonkatsu craze hit Manila the past years, Ginza Bairin which first Philippines branch is located at Glorietta 2 in Makati City was one of the restaurants that offer what Manila food enthusiasts craved for. Since it opened last year, Ginza Bairin remained to be one of the Tonkatsu Restaurants with glairing positive reviews. Now with another branch located at UP Town Center, Ginza Bairin step up a notch higher on its league by introducing new items on their menu.

Ginza Bairin Manila Philippines Introduce New Items on the Menu
Weeks ago, I got to visit Ginza Bairin at Glorietta 2 with some friends to try some of these new additions. The fact that they are considered as the Home of The Number 1 Donburi in Japan plus the positive reviews I have read, I kind of have high expectation as to what we are going to feast on that afternoon.

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