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Ube Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene

Friday, March 07, 2014
By the time that I am writing this, a lot of my favorite food bloggers in Manila have raved about the Ube Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene. Who could blame these food enthusiasts dubbing this awesome cheesecake as one of the best ube cheesecakes in Manila when in reality, it really is.  

This well-loved Ube Cheesecake is a product of Irene Co's collaboration with equally talented homebaker, Chona Ayson of Homemade Treasures known for delicious ensaymada. Chona is responsible for making the ube jam used for the cheesecake.

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I could not count how many times have I raved to my friends how much I love Irene's Quezo de Bola Cheesecake. As a matter of fact, if heaven permits, I would have that for a wedding cake. I am not even kidding. Irene's ChocNut Cheesecake was also notably delightful especially for those who has an affinity for this peanut-chocolate bar of our childhood days. This Ube Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene, is no exception to the fact that Irene Co bakes the best homemade cheesecakes in Manila.

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