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Ippudo Ramen Manila, Philippines

March 26, 2015
During my first visit at Ippudo located at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall to try what many said could be the Best Ramen in Manila by far, I knew that it will take me couple of more visits before I could write about it. Not because my first visit earned me an unpleasant experience, it was the opposite as a matter of fact. Save for the unavailability of the much talked about Ippudo Pork Buns, just like the other Manila Food Bloggers who wrote a review of Ippudo, my experience was nothing short of impressive.

You see, Ippudo is one of those restaurants which opening in Manila attracted numbers of curious food enthusiasts resulting to long lines of diners for several weeks.  In situation like that, it can be a bit of a challenge to strike gold when it comes to consistency. That thing, I wanted to check on hence, the wait before a blog post.

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Just like what I did during the time when people were mad rushing to dine at IHOP when it also opened a franchise here in Manila, I braved the long line at Ippudo. I do not intend to write about the grueling  hours of waiting, I believe the internet provided us with several accounts of people who also did that. So I am going to spare you with the details.

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