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Le Petit Souffle

August 10, 2015
Upon learning that Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall in Makati is a concept by chef Miko Aspiras together with other partners, I knew from the get go that it is going to be a hit. As expected, days after its opening, food bloggers in Manila and other foodies online started raving about the goodness of the dishes being served at Le Petit. Understandably so, since this French restaurant with a touch of Japanese got renowned chef under its helm.

It took me a while to pay a visit to Le Petit Souffle because that is what usually happens if you are swamped with too much work you can't even recognized yourself in the mirror or if you live up in the mountain (both in my case). Nonetheless, my visit poised me to join the band of people raving about Le Petit

Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall in Makati City
Tucked inside the Century City Mall which numbers of foodie places including Hole In The Wall reached an impressive mark in foodies' radar, Le Petit Souffle is one of those which you should not miss. 

Saboten Philippines: The Best Tonkatsu in Manila and The Jumbo Hiroshima Oyster

June 09, 2015
Saboten Philippines, with branches in Glorietta and Serendra is said to have the Best Tonkatsu in Manila by some food enthusiasts with its "Original Taste of Tonkatsu". A lot of Manila Food Bloggers have written about their blog review of Saboten the moment it opened its door here in our country. Most of them have written glaring praises and I couldn't blame them because truth be told - I am one of the believers.

There are numbers of Japanese restaurants in Manila that specializes in katsu and I have few favorites. Recent visit to Saboten in Glorietta 5 immediately thread its way on top of my list.

Saboten Glorietta Serendra Philippines Best Tonkatsu in Manila
If like myself, you are a big fan of natural light when dining in a restaurants at day time, Saboten's branch at Glorietta 5 do not disappoint. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall in front of the restaurant gives way to the beautiful light to come in - making the contemporary interior design of the place illuminates.

Ginza Bairin Philippines: New Dishes on the Menu

March 25, 2014
When tonkatsu craze hit Manila the past years, Ginza Bairin which first Philippines branch is located at Glorietta 2 in Makati City was one of the restaurants that offer what Manila food enthusiasts craved for. Since it opened last year, Ginza Bairin remained to be one of the Tonkatsu Restaurants with glairing positive reviews. Now with another branch located at UP Town Center, Ginza Bairin step up a notch higher on its league by introducing new items on their menu.

Ginza Bairin Manila Philippines Introduce New Items on the Menu
Weeks ago, I got to visit Ginza Bairin at Glorietta 2 with some friends to try some of these new additions. The fact that they are considered as the Home of The Number 1 Donburi in Japan plus the positive reviews I have read, I kind of have high expectation as to what we are going to feast on that afternoon.

TGIFridays in Greenbelt 3, Now Open and Sporting a New Look

February 19, 2014
It was late last year when I heard that TGIFridays, one of my favorite American restaurants here in Manila opened another branch at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. In line with this opening, TGIFridays at Greenbelt 3 is already sporting a new look, different from the TGIF restaurants in Manila we all are used to.

This change, I was told is in compliance with the global revamp happening at all TGIFridays all over the world. Slowly but surely, every TGIFridays here in the Philippines will follow suit with the said change.

TGIFridays Philippines New Look
It is their branch at Robinsons Galleria that I usually frequent to, but I guess this new branch as well as the change is well worth checking out.

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