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Max's Restaurant 70th Anniversary #HBDMaxs #ChickenLove #MaxsFriedChicken @maxsrestaurant

Friday, October 30, 2015
Max's Restaurant, “The House That Fried Chicken Built” and the home of Sarap-to-the-Bones Fried Chicken celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year. 70 long years, they have been in the business, making history and creating memories with Filipino families. 

With staying power such as that, and the ability to cross boarders to share their well-loved fried chicken alongside other dishes which are very Filipino to the core, Max's Restaurant made us proud to be Filipino. Indeed, they are already part of our history.

Max's Restaurant 70th Anniversary Celebration Party
I am glad to be part of this event so despite the schedule I made it a point to set some time for this celebration. After all, I grew up loving this restaurant. I myself have some awesome memories with max's Restaurant hence, I am more than happy to share this milestone with them.

The Max's Classic Chicken Burger #ChickenLove

Thursday, October 01, 2015
Max's Classic Chicken Burger is the latest addition to the menu of Max's Restaurant in line with their 70th years in the business. Max's Restaurant is known as the home of the ever famous Sarap to the Bones Pinoy Fried Chicken. Their staying power in the business which started way back 1945 is a proof that all these years, despite the many competitors that come and go, they are still on top of their game.

Just like all of their other dishes, Max's Classic Chicken Burger is poised to satisfy people's palate with its impeccable taste and dare I say, charm.

Max's Philippines Max's Classic Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger is not really a foreign concept at Max's menu. I remember enjoying it several times when dining at Max's - it was one of my favorites as a matter of fact. But its current version is way way better than its predecessor. For one, it now boasts of 2 chicken burger patties which make it more satisfying.

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