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Minions at McDonald's Philippines #MinionsAtMcDo

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Minions at McDonald's has been creating a buzz recently and our friends at McDonald's Philippines is happy to share with us the good news about this exciting Minions invasion. Minions Happy Meal Toys, Themed Desserts, and Combos - any Minions fanatics would sure be happy to indulge themselves with good food at McDonald's with a dash of happiness that Minion toys could bring.

If you have a child (or a nephew in my case) who is mad crazy about Minions, you would probably understand how exciting this news is.

Minions Invasion at McDonald's Philippines
My nephew Caiden and I have been collecting Happy Meal toys for years now and the inclusion of Minions in McDonald's arsenal of collectibles surely made us happy and excited. What made me all the more excited are the band of themed desserts and combo meals that comes with this McDo Minions invasion.

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