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New Dishes at Osaka Ohsho and Wee Nam Kee

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
I got a good news from our friends at Osaka Ohsho PH and Wee Nam Kee PH recently and it’s all about the new dishes that are now part of its respective menus. Osaka Ohsho and Wee Nam Kee are two restaurants that I have blogged several times before, meaning theirs are one of those which good quality dishes and good service I can always vouch for. 

Hence, new dishes at both Osaka Ohsho and Wee Nam Kee are something that makes me excited.
New Dishes at Osaka Ohsho PH and Wee Nam Kee PH
So, if you are a fan like me, check out these new exciting dishes at Osaka Ohsho and Wee Nam Kee. Credits to our friends at Relish Group of Restaurants for this awesome news.

Teppanyaki Dishes at Osaka Ohsho Philippines

Saturday, April 04, 2015
Osaka Ohsho Philippines, one of the restaurants in Manila that serves the best tasting gyoza recently launched new items on their menu; the Teppanyaki Festival selections. Although known for their World's No. 1 Gyoza, Osaka Ohsho prided itself with serving other delectable dishes that anyone can enjoy. New addition to the variety is the teppanyaki line-up some of Manila Food Bloggers are talking about lately.

Osaka Ohsho Manila Philippines Teppanyaki Menu, Osaka Ohsho Gyoza Megamall PH Location Address Facebook Contact No Twitter Instagram
It was only late last year that Osaka Ohsho introduced their Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Sets, same goes for their new gyoza variants namely Bacon & Cheese Gyoza and the dessert variant Peanut Butter & Banana Gyoza. This year however, Osaka Ohsho step up their game by adding teppanyaki dishes, albeit offered in limited time.

Bacon and Cheese Gyoza & Peanut Butter and Banana Gyoza at Osaka Ohsho

Sunday, November 02, 2014
The news came with such a casual aplomb. "Osaka Ohsho released new gyoza flavors. Bacon and Cheese Gyoza & Peanut Butter and Banana Gyoza. Are you free on Monday? We'll do lunch." My friend Richard of Tales From The Tummy, the same guy who lured me into falling so hard for the  King of Gyoza has a penchant for giving me little heart attacks.

Unflinching, he dropped the words bacon and cheese all in one phrase and he expected just a yes or no from me. Of course, a girl gotta have her oh-em-gee moments, so I gave him that. Then, I said yes to the invite with some of my favorite people.

Osaka Ohsho PH New Gyoza: Bacon and Cheese Gyoza / Peanut Butter and Banana Dessert Gyoza. Osaka Osho SM Megamall New Menu, Address, Contact No, Facebook Page.

I didn't make it to our lunch. 

Osaka Ohsho Megamall: The King of Gyoza Now Serving The World's No.1 Gyoza in the Philippines

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Osaka Ohsho located at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall in Mandaluyong City is one of the newest international franchise restaurants that landed Manila which offers what they dub as "The World’s No. 1 Gyoza." Most of the food bloggers in Manila which I follow have already written their opinion about Osaka Ohsho, even Kris Aquino raved about the goodness of Osaka Ohsho on her T.V. program. I deem that most of them believed that indeed, Osaka Ohsho is the King of Gyoza

Osaka Ohsho The King of Gyoza, Now Serving The World's No.1 Gyoza in The Philippines
Osaka Ohsho’s humble beginnings can be traced back in Japan during the year 1969. Fast forward to 2014, Osaka Ohsho boasts of 300+ stores worldwide including the one here in the Philippines, all thanks to the same group that brought Wee Nam Kee here in our country. Its signature gyoza is the main highlight of Osaka Ohsho’s menu, the very same reason of its popularity.

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