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Rustan's Supermarket Promo: Schott Zwiesel Double Wall Glassware

March 17, 2017
Ever dream of owning renowned high quality Schott Zwiesel glass from Germany? I am guessing most of us are. The good news is that Rustan's Supermarket has partnered with Schott Zwiesel and is currently running an exciting promo where loyal shoppers can have their very own Schott Zwiesel Double Glassware at a discounted price or for free.

Schott Zwiesel has always been known for their high quality and wide range of crystal glasses individually hand-blown by artisans to maintain high quality standard. This fact poised them to be the  market leader among glass manufacturers around the world.  

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Now, Rustan's Supermarket is carrying the brand's Double Wall Glasses which are not only stylish but has superior functionality as well. Six types of Schott Zweisel Double Wall Glasses are currently available at Rustan's.

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