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Super Bowl Unli Yang Chow 2018 + Super Bowl's Classic Dishes We Love

March 15, 2018
If you are one of those rice-loving people such as my self, kindly please hear me out here. Super Bowl of China is at it again with their Super Bowl Unli Yang Chow promo. Now on its 7th year, this Unli Yang Chow promo is still set to satisfy its diners cravings for one of Super Bowl's well-loved menu item, the Yang Chow fried rice. 

I could still remember way back 2013 when I covered the Ultimate Yang Chow Chowdown eating contest at Super Bowl to go along with the Unli Yang Chow promo. It was basically a contest wherein the participants are challenged to finished unlimited bowl of Super Bowl Yang Chow fried rice at a limited time.

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I was salivating the whole time while watching the winner down several bowls, I have always loved Super Bowl's Yang Chow. Thankfully, Super Bowl still continue to carry on the yearly Unli Yang Chow promo that I am guessing we all love. For this year's Super Bowl's Unli Yang Chow installment, I visited their branch at SM Megamall and feast on bowls after bowls of Yang Chow alongside classic dishes I love at Super Bowl

What's New at The Super Bowl of China

April 22, 2015
Yesterday we visited the Super Bowl of China located at the Atrium of SM Megamall. Together with some of Manila Food Bloggers and some friends at media, we checked out what's new at the Super Bowl. I was under the impression that there will be new Chinese cuisine on the menu they will be launching, little did I know, there will be plenty of new things unfolding.

Super Bowl of China has been known for its affordable and quality Chinese dishes. Way back, Super Bowl was one of those Chinese restaurants that my family and I would often go to. As the restaurant scene in Manila boom, my affinity for Super Bowl took a back seat for a while because there are plenty new more restaurants to try.

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Then suddenly, I was reminded that this old time favorite Chinese restaurant is still well worth a visit. As a proof that Super Bow of China is still on top of it game, they recently made a revamp to its SM Megamall branch. From the store interior to the food attendants uniform up to several items on the menu, change for the better is the name of the game. This change will soon roll out to all Super Bowl of China branches in the Philippines such as at SM Mall of Asia, Festival Mall in Alabang, the the soon to open branch at Robinsons Place Manila.

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