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The House of Lasagna

Monday, January 11, 2010
Having spent most of my adult life living in San Juan City, if I am in the mood to have a break from the usual home cooked meal but do not want to go far, there is always the reliable J.Abad Santos St. in San Juan and its other neighboring streets that has variety of Restaurants to choose from. The area is just a stone throw away from where I am living and so, over the years, I witnessed new restaurants proliferates the streets which make it worth the visit especially for foodies.

Another addition to this foodies haven street is The House Of Lasagna, Cakes and Pastries, owned by a good-looking and friendly Chef Erick G. Congmon. Being a pasta lover myself, I dragged along my good friends and fellow foodies Chris and Glenn out of curiosity. And I must say that we are not disappointed because we had tasted the best Lasagna ever.

Upon having a conversation with Chef Erick, I learned that their family owns the famous Sunburst Restaurant in Cebu. Since it runs in the blood, this College of Saint Benilde Alumni decided to put up his own business, The House of Lasagna June of 2009 after receiving orders of his specialty and mastered recipe which is freshly homemade Lasagna from friends. Through word of mouth, his ordering customers eventually increase up to now that he’s already running his own restaurant.

Aside from Beef Lasagna, we also tried their Pesto Lasagna and Lengua Pastel.

Their Beef Lasagna is simply superb. The pasta is al dente, the sauce is not too sweet nor too sour, the beef is tasty enough you can distinguish it from the Chicken Lasagna which they also offers, and the generous cheese they used is heavenly.

The Pesto Lasagna is a stellar. The pesto is not over-powering, and you can taste its freshness that slowly slips into your mouth that compliments the melted cheese and creamy sauce.
Their Lasagnas are freshly made upon ordering and it comes with 2 pcs homemade garlic bread which is delicious in itself.
The Lengua Pastel is another stellar. The meat is so tender and juicy, bursting with flavors and the sauce further intensify the cuisine you would want to order for an extra rice, but since the serving is big and it comes with garden salad, you will be satisfied with just one order but would definitely go back there to other it again.

Although we were so full, we did not let the night pass without having a taste of their desserts. We ordered for their Blueberry Cheese cake and Mango Charlotte.

The Blueberry Cheesecake is simply delectable and the Mango Charlotte resembles that of Conti’s Mango Cream Cake, which I love, only it has generous mango chunks in the cake and cream itself, and it has lady fingers. So, it’s perfect.

The next time that we will be visiting the place, we would definitely try their Vegetable Lasagna, Steaks, and their Southern Fried Chicken.
The place is small but definitely cozy. The decoration of beautiful lamps and wood-framed mirrors which resembles cute little windows adds to the sophisticated aura of the restaurant. There’s a homey feel as you enter the place and their waitress are all accommodating and friendly.

With Chef Erick G. Congmon

All in all it really was a good experience. They were supposed to close the store before midnight since they have reservation the next day but they were kind enough to accommodate our late night visit and extend their store hours. That only shows how they treat their customers with consideration. The conversation we had with Chef Erick was very informative and enjoyable.

I highly recommend this place to my fellow foodies out there who would like to have a wonderful gastronomical experience without the hustle and the bustle ambiance of the metro.

House of Lasagna
Cakes and Pastries

Unit 1-B Ground Floor
J. Abad santos St.,
Corner V. Cruz St.
Little Baguio San Juan, M.m.
Contact Person: Chef Erick G. Congmon
For Reservation please call (02) 994-72-84
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